3 Simple New Year Life Hacks That Burn Fat Faster With Zero Additional Effort

We’re nearing the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Many people begin to write and create goals during this time. New years goals for their health, their body, their finances, relationships and much more. It’s important to be clear before a new year that you have goals and to write them down.

How can we expect things to change in the new year with the same mentality, the same mindset and the same habits? We need a shift in our vision, habits and actions to create concrete change.

The most impressive science backing up goal setting that I have personally read came from Harvard University. Harvard did a study on MBA graduates who wrote down their goals. The 3% that wrote down their financial goals earned 10x as much money as the other 97% COMBINED.

What can we learn from this? That simply writing down your goals is going to give you a massive statistical edge. A statistical advantage that takes just a few minutes to sit down, be mindful and put your goals and vision for your life on paper. It’s really that simple. There’s no fancy new age law of attraction mumbo jumbo that you have to repeat to yourself in the mirror each day. You can, but simply writing it down in an intentional manner and starting there is a great place to start.

When it comes to fat loss, I know a thing or two. I’ve studied health and nutrition for many years and even wrote a fat loss book entitled ‘Dirt Cheap Weight Loss‘ that became an amazon bestseller which you can read on amazon here. Having helped thousands of people burn unnecessary fat and get their ideal body and health back I’ve learned a few things in the trenches over this time.

Doing what’s hard first will become disappointing and you’ll quit.

Doing what’s simple first will allow you to succeed, build momentum and keep going.

With that in mind I realized that jumping into a new diet routine, a new fitness routine and new EVERYTHING is too overwhelming and eventually energy runs out. Once you’re drained you lose grip on that healthy diet, or that healthy exercise routine. Then it’s back to the old you, and we’re going for the new you.

With that in mind there are very simple and consistent routines that can and will begin to help your body to release fat in a safe, natural and effective way. It’s not the fastest way to burn fat. It’s a slower process but it will stick and become a habit which means that it will create CONSISTENCY and MOMENTUM in this area of your life which is TRULY the most important thing. Too bad the truth doesn’t sell like weight loss pills, I’d be a millionaire already!

On with the article. What 3 habits move the needle for your health, energy and fat loss more than any other? These 3 habits can be engrained and entrained into your brain so that it becomes an automatic way of living.

3 Simple Fat Loss Hacks Worth Integrating

  1. Hydration: Hydration is such a key to health, longevity and fat loss. Most people are chronically dehydrated and are not getting enough high quality pure water and minerals in their diet. Enough water and the right minerals (specifically electrolytes) are the two necessary components for effective hydration. How much water should you be drinking on a daily basis? 50% of your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 180 pounds, you’ll want to be drinking 90 ounces of water daily. Additionally there are 6 electrolytes that are crucial for hydration that you can read about in this article. Simply make hydration a part of your everyday life. The first thing you need to drink in the morning is water. Water is going to rehydrate you after you’ve become dehydrated while sleeping.
  2. Sleep: Believe it or not sleep plays an important role in burning fat. There are fat burning and fat storing hormones and if you sleep at a more optimal time and get a higher quality of sleep you’ll burn more fat while resting. It may sound too good to be true but it is not. The hours of 10PM – 2 AM is the biological clock window for physical recovery. What does that mean? It means that if you’re sleeping from 10pm to 2am your body gets more rejuvenated rest. This rest allows your body to be more energized, burn fat and optimize fat burning hormones better. Sleep earlier and sleep in a dark cool room. Avoid drinking or eating for up to 3 hours before bed to improve your sleep quality also.
  3. Walk More: Walking is such an easy way to burn fat. Sure, this one takes a bit of additional effort. But we walk daily. We also drink water and sleep daily. Walking is one of the best fat burning things that you can do. I used to read meters for an electric company and when I got the job I changed nothing in my life but I was walking 4 or 5 miles daily. I lost about 6 pounds that I didn’t even know I could lose. If you simply walk around the block a few times, or better yet go for an enjoyable nature hike your body burns fat for up to 24 hours after that walk. The longer that walk is the more the body burns fat and for a longer duration. Walking is quite literally the easiest way to burn fat and to get back on track. If you want to take it to the next level you can get a mini-trampoline and jump and bounce like this one here. This helps to move the lymphatic system which supports fat burning faster.

It all comes down to habits. Drink more water, sleep earlier and walk/hike more often. These are three simple tasks that will continuously support your body to be in it’s healthiest, leanest and trimmest state! You got this. We’re here to support you in 2022. Make sure to follow Healthy Wild Free on Instagram for more health and wellness support!

Feeling like this may be too much to do? Not feeling intrinsically motivated? You may be low in Dopamine which is a neurochemical that is known as your ‘motivation hormone’ and if that is low it will be hard to do anything productive. Read this article on how to boost your dopamine levels naturally to gain your motivation, charge and drive back! 



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