6 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before The New Year Begins

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Before every new year it’s important to assess where you’re at at where you’d like to go. To have a vision for your life. Where you want to take it. Without vision, nothing will change. Vision provides clarity and gives you step-by-step action plans to take to create a beautiful life that you love and desire to live.

The more intentional we are about the creation of our live the better it is. It’s really that simple. The less intentional we are, the more we leave it up to chance, the more we get pulled in directions we do not want to go in.

Questions Provide Clarity, Purpose & Direction

Tony Robbins once said “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself” – Let that sink in.

Quality questions are important because they provide better clarity and action for us to take. Without those questions the clarity needed for the direction of our lives is not brought to the forefront. Before going into any new year, it’s important to ask yourself these quality-driven questions to assess where your life is truly at in the three main areas.

The 3 Main Ways Life Quality is Measured

You can basically measure the quality of your life and how happy you are by breaking it down into three categories. These categories encomes all other categories. In other words, these are the parent categories at the top of the food chart for the health and nourishment of your life as a whole. The more you ask questions within each of these categories the more clarity you will receive to take your life where you desire to take it.

These 3 key areas are as follows:

  1. Health: This encompasses your mind, body and spirit. How do you feel? How’s your weight? how’s your energy? how’s your sleep? Being honest with the state of your health is important if you want to see progress. This also includes creative pursuits that feed your mind, body and spirit. Passions or hobbies. If you are a work horse and not giving your spirit time to replenish and nourish itself, this is affecting your health longterm.
  2. Wealth: This encompasses material wealth. How’s your job? business? How’s your income as a whole? How provided for are you? If you’re falling short in this area ask yourself why. Instead of resorting to blaming others simply ask yourself questions like how can I improve? What skills can I acquire to make me more valuable? How can I utilize possessions in my life to bring in additional income? How can I act smarter financially? Save, and invest? 2023 might just be the best year to invest money in your ENTIRE life as the market is in the dumps and it may begin coming back. You won’t regret getting ahead financially in a huge way. Will you?
  3. Love: This encompasses all relationships in your life. Your partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend. Whatever it may be. It also includes your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else that you love. Romantic love and beyond. How is your relationship? is it positive? is your partner narcissistic? Are you on good terms with your family members? friends? co-workers? What areas can be improved? These are all questions worth considering in the love category.

While the quality of your life can be compartmentalized into each of these three categories above, they each play into eachother and have an effect on one another. If your income is low, you won’t be able to afford to eat organic and a gym membership, protein powder and gym shoes. If your love life is lacking it can affect your mental and emotional health.

There is crossover between all of these categories as they are all interconnected. So keep that in mind. To see them all as isolated is incorrect. They all connect and the quality of our life rises and falls like a tide. When we are in the water our buoyancy rises or falls with that tide also.

Without further ado, here are 12 valuable questions to ask yourself that will help you see your life, the quality of your life and the direction you desire to take it in become more clear in 2023. Another idea that you want to keep in mind along with asking quality questions is to ask difficult questions. Quality questions are difficult questions. They force you to dig deeper and find an answer that resonates with your spirit, heart and soul. Easy questions can often lead you astray. Easy questions are not quality based questions.

Before you read these questions crack open your journal, planner or any paper that you can hand write these questions and answers down on. By doing this you’ll exercise your brain in a way that reveals more answers and clarity to you. Thes six questions are so valuable, they need to be asked and expanded on. Enjoy the process, the journey, and the moments within that journey are everything!

6 Questions To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

  1. What was the best thing that happened to you in this past year? This question allows you to exercise your gratitude muscle and like real esatate, what you appreciate, appreciates! You want to expfess gratitude for that experience and bring that gratitude to the forefront of your mind to project an experience like that, or better, as it’s appreciating 😉 into the next year!
  2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened in this past year? And how did you overcome?

    This question is a valuable exercise as it reminds you of your strength and resilience. Even when there was no way, you found a way. Maybe it was a difficult relationship, maybe you lost more money in this past year than you ever have in your entire life (raises hand, hi, that’s me!) but yet you’re still here. You overcame and moved on. Remind yourself of your strength and discipline. If you haven’t moved on from this challenge, ask yourself how you can move on and shed it going into the new year and journal that out.
  3. Pick three words to describe this past year. Now, pick three words to describe NEXT year.This is a fun exercise to journal out. Pick three words that described this past year and share why. Now, pick three words that describe the next year you desire. Then journal and share why these three words will be a theme for next year. For me my words are abundance, love and growth. I desire to create a tremendous amount of value in my career and business, creating more abundance. I desire to love myself fully and be in a relationship where love blossoms and grows. Lastly, I desire growth to be a constant theme. Growing in relationships, health, wealth and most importantly to me my relationship with God, so that i’m directed and guided beyond myself and my own perception, which is often faulty! as smart as I think I am! ha.
  4. In what ways did you grow physically, emotionally and spiritually in this past year? How do you desire this next year?This question is great because it allows you to give yourself credit and see the progress you’ve made. This is such an important practice to bring the year full circle. It also reminds you that you can still grow in these areas. Physically, how did your body change? emotionally? how did you grow? Spiritually, did anything shift? Was anything revealed to you? This past year has shifted my life in many ways, and this was fun to explore. Next, you want to ask yourself ‘how do I desire to grow in my physical body, emotional body, and in spirit next year?’ – This is such a valuable question. This allows you to envision a body and brain that suits you. A healthy and harmonious state, and a spiritual sense of connection that you’ve never had before. Describe what this looks like for you in your journal.
  5. What was the single biggest time waster this past year? OUCH!This is a tough but highly quality driven question to ask yourself. How was your time most wasted in this past year? I already know my answer. Social media by far! And my time spent on social media apps on my phone would reveal that truth. Ask yourself, how can I shift my biggest time waster from this past year into my biggest time investment next year? In other words, what new, positive habit can you shift that time towards to achieve your goals?
  6. What was the biggest lesson you learned in this past year?We all learn lessons every year. It could be a lesson for your mind, for your heart, or for your spirit. Whatever it is, clarifying it and journaling it out will give you more clarity and help you learn that lessen even more deeply. What was that biggest lesson? Expand upon it and build a case for why that lesson is integrated fully into your life moving forward.

It is important to write these questions down on paper and right the answers out. This will provide you the clarity to create new years resolutoins that are clear and consicse. Most new years resolutions are vague such as ‘lose weight’ but that doesn’t do you any good. How much weight do you want to lose? How are you going to do it? These specific questions give a clear plan of action and create energy in a direction to create progress that you desire.

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