This Hidden Chemical Produced By The Hypothalamus is Responsible For How Committed Someone Will Be in A Relationship

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The body produces a lot of internal chemistry in the form of hormones and some of them are much more influential than others. We have hormones such as dopamine, otherwise known as our ‘motivation hormone’ or serotonin known as our ‘happy hormone’ and many others. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone or cuddle hormone. Many of these you may have heard of and are familiar with. Today’s hormone however you may have never heard of. I just learned about it recently and was surprised to find out that It had never crossed my path.

As an avid health and wellness researcher it struck me as interesting. Why is this hormone not known as well as oxytocin, serotonin or dopamine? or endorphins? You’ve probably heard of all these right? Today’s hormone however, you probably haven’t heard of. It is responsible for regulating blood pressure as well as blood volume and blood osmality. Blood osmality is a measurement of dissolved particles in the blood. In other words, this hormone is highly influential on the health of the blood in the body. Can you guess what it is? I bet you’ve never heard of it.

Today we’re talking about vasopressin. What’s that? An incredibly important hormone for physical health, but also for health in a more specific way. This hormone is anti-diuretic meaning that it helps to hold moisture in the body. It also helps to regulate sodium homeostasis in the body as well as kidney function.

In Chinese Medicine, the kidney’s are associated with the emotion of fear. Why is this important? Supporting Kidney health supports a healthy fear response instead of an unhealthy fear response. The emotion of fear is stored in the Kidneys. The more that fear is released, the less someone acts out of fear. Pretend fear is like a lens shade on a pair of glasses that you wear. The darker that shade of fear the more difficult it is to see through and to have a clear vision.

Vasopressin’s full name is arginine vasopressin (AVP), it’s a neuropeptide that mediates quite complicated mammalian social behaviors such as pair bonding, social recognition even aggression which causally increases humans’ willingness to engage in risky, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Read that one more time! This hormone increases our risk taking tolerance in order for mutually beneficial cooperation. A relationship is an example of that. A partnership. This could also include friendships, business partnerships and any other mutually beneficial relationship that you might have.

This Hormone is Responsible For Engaging in Cooperating Through Risk

This hormone is quite literally responsible for signaling the brain to take risk or not to take risk. Beyond that it supports the health of the blood, cardiovascular system, fluid levels in the body and Kidney health. Vasopressin is important for regulation of the Hypothalamus in the brain, otherwise known as the body’s ‘smart control meter’ in the brain. This signaling to the brain and kidneys help to balance the fear response of humans, giving their brain the signal that ‘it’s okay to take risk that is mutually beneficial’ in life. How amazing is that? A hormone that gives us the ability to take healthy risks.

What if Vasopressin Levels Are Low?

If vasopressin levels are low the health of the blood, blood pressure, kidneys, sodium content, and other parts of the body that vasopressin influences might be affected. If vasopressin levels are low there are ways to support this hormone in a healthy manner without pharmaceutical influence, like any hormone there is something in nature that supports the healthy and regulated expression fo this hormone in the brain.

How To Support Healthy Vasopressin Levels:

Vasopressin is a neuropeptide. This means that it is comprised of amino acids. Glycine is the main amino acid that influences vasopressin production. Red meat is the richest source of glycine along with peanuts, salmon and different seeds.

Also, simply standing more often, getting more exercise and getting heat from a sauna session also help to release vasopressin levels naturally. Simply moving your body and getting the blood flowing, being upright and inducing a heat response signals the body to release it in order to regulate blood pressure and sodium levels in the body. In other words, make warmth and heat a part of your healthy routine in order to give your body healthy levels of this hormone to release.

Heat is beneficial to human health just like cold is but for different reasons.

A Few Heat Therapies Worth Considering:

  1. An Infrared Sauna:

    An infrared sauna is definitely an investment but life changing in a lot of ways. It helps to boost the immune system, supports healthy blood flow. Detoxifies the lymphatic system and so much more. Plus, this heat therapy helps to boost vasopressin levels naturally. A relaxing therapy to utilize in cold months. The company Therasage has a portable infrared sauna that is much cheaper. Click here to visit their website at Use the discount code ‘breathhacker‘ for 10% off your purchase.

  2. An Infrared Heating Pad:

    Infrared heating pads are portable ways to give your body a heat based therapy. These hating pads are for laying on generally and can be used on the couch or bed to gain the benefits of infared and heat as a whole. Enhancing circulation and lymphatic health as well as boosting immunity. These heating pads start at just $130  before our discount code below and go up in price based on the size and amount of body that is covered with one. Visit by clicking here and use the discount code ‘breathhacker’ for 5% off your purchase.

Lastly, one herb known as Rhodiola has been found to have some of the best benefits for directly increasing vasopressin levels in the body. It does this by lowering endopeptidase actiivty which then leads to higher vasopressin in the body.

Rhodiola also helps to decrease stress, reduces fatigue, can help symptoms of depression, and helps to improve healthy brain function overall. There are organic rhodiola suppelements available on amazon which you can find by clicking this link.

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