6 Clear Signs You’re Dehydrated And How To Rehydrate Quickly

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The water is made up of a lot of material. Tissue, cells, blood, proteins, fats and more. One component that has a huge impact on our health that is often overlooked is water. Our body is comprised more of water than anything else. Approximately 75% of your body is made up of water. That’s why the amount of water you drink and the quality of water is so important.

You could be dehydrated for various reasons. Being dehydrated means that everything water does in your body doesn’t work as well. This includes but is not limited to your lymphatic health and drainage, your circulation, and keeping your joints, eyes, skin and other parts of the body hydrated and retaining the proper amount of water. The eyes are often also overlooked with this. The eyes are an astonishing 98% water. If your body isn’t hydrated properly you’ll definitely have dry eyes and potentially blurry vision as well.

Dehydration can cause many issues in the human body. Much more than we’d realize. Remember, 75% of your body is water so treating it as a priority is incredibly important.

6 Signs Of Dehydration You Must Not Ignore:

  1. Headaches!

    Believe it or not the #1 cause of headaches is dehydration. Having a glass, or three glasses (literally) of water just might do the drink. Dehydration causes the body to become stagnant and for things that need to wash out of the body to get stuck in the body. These toxins or chemical by-products signal the brain that there’s an issue. To remove headaches drink plenty lot of water!

  2. Bloating & Slow Digestion:

    Water is like an internal shower in your gut. The less hydrated you are the less effective your gut will be at digesting food. Think about it, food washes extra food particles through and down. Different organs deal with different parts of the digestive process. Water helps to wash things down, through and out! Without water the colon walls become dry and food particles along with fecal matter gets caked to the walls. Talk about nasty! Take that internal shower more often. You’ll notice your breath isn’t so gross also!

  3. Dry Skin:

    Dry skin is another sign of hydration. This could be your skin in general all over your body but could also be in specific places so don’t overlook this as simple as it may sound. The edges of your body can be the dry and this is still a sign of dehydration. Pay close attention to your feet, elbows and knees. These are areas that can have dry skin revealing dehydration more than other areas of the body. Your joints need to be lubricated to keep things moving properly. Drink more water for internal lubrication!

  4. Feeling Dizzy or Light-Headed:

    Feeling dizzy or light-headed can be another sign of dehyration. This is because the axis of the brain needs to be hydrated to work properly. Water is fuel for yoru balance and simply being grounded as a whole. The next time you’re feeling dizzy or light-headed grab a glass of water first thing and see if that changes things a bit.

  5. Dry Mouth, Lips & Eyes:

    The mouth is where you drink water! The most obvious sign of dehydration is a dry mouth. Dry lips and eyes can also be a sign that you are dehydrated also however. So pay attention to how dry your lips or eyes are as well.

  6. Peeing in Small Amounts:

    Peeing a few times a day with a small amount of urine is a sign that not enough water is flushing through your body consistently. If the pee lasts only 5 or 7 seconds, this is a strong sign. A healthy and typical pee will last 10 seconds or more. This shows the amount of fluid leaving the body. If only a little bit is leaving the body it’s because the body is holding onto the fluid it has and cannot release it. You want to have a pee that lasts a while to release old fluid so that your body hydrates and passes it out properly. This internal show needs to have a strong drain removing waste as well. It is also important to note that the more yellow or orange your urine is the less hydrated you are. The more clear your urine is the better. This means that you are hydrated better overall. Make sense?

    These are six of the main symptoms of dehydration that you want to pay close attention to. The more signs above you check off the list the greater the chance that you’re dehydrated. The more you can hydrate properly the less of the above symptoms that you will have.

    These Drinks Dehydrate You Faster:

    It’s also important to know that there are specific drinks that deplete your body of water faster. These are called ‘diuretics’ and they include coffee, different teas (not all) and any soda or energy drink. It is important to avoid sodas and energy drinks for health. Coffee and tea do have some health benefits however. It’s okay to have diuretics but knowing this should remind you to drink water after or before you have that coffee, tea or any other drink. It is best to avoid energy drinks and soda’s completely. Your health and hydration benefit a lot by doing so.

    This leads us to the question what type of water is best to drink for hydration? And how much water should I be drinking?

    We wrote a totally separate article on that topic because the rules for proper hydration can be much more in depth in a separate article. Find out what type of water to drink, how much water to drink and what electrolytes are crucial for proper hydration by reading this article:

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There Are 5 Types Of Water To Drink – Here’s The Healthiest To Least Healthy Water

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