Camera Catches Homeless Man in the Sweetest Gesture, Throwing a Birthday Party For His Dog

choco homeless man
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The homeless need love just like everyone else, and oftentimes they find it through their pets.

In the case of one homeless man named Choco, there is no shortage of love between himself and his two sweet pups, Shaggy and Nena.

Recently, one park-goer in Columbia saw something incredibly sweet playing out in a park nearby.

Like a scene out of a movie, the man and his two dogs had sat down together on a warm night.

This wasn’t just any night, mind you.

This was a special evening that was made just for three.

There were no romantic love scenes involving spaghetti like ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and no Hollywood romance storylines, just the birthday party of a lifetime.

It all happened when Choco placed a party hat atop each of the pups’ heads.

Later, it was revealed that he also had a cake and candles.

He then began to sing.

It was Shaggy’s birthday, and his human was throwing him a party all his own.

After the video was finished recording, the person filming approached Choco to find out his name and story, and to offer help to him and his dogs.

After the clip was posted online, many other people later lined up to do the same.

This is where the story takes an even more interesting twist: Choco has spent several years on the streets after escaping an abusive home, but the kicker is that his dogs Shaggy and Nena never go without.

Following the release of the video, strangers have stepped up to the plate to offer to help get him and his darling pups back on their feet.

Food and supplies have been donated by fellow animal lovers, who love taking pictures of the man and his dogs.

Now, the man has over 140,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s a true story of perseverance and inspiring others that also doubles as a love story.

If that’s not awesome, then I don’t know what is, folks!

Thanks for reading! 

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