Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Go By His Real Name Any More, and There’s A Compelling and Totally Understandable Reason For It

charlie sheen
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Charlie Sheen is a lightning rod for controversy.

He’s one of the most controversial actors in Hollywood, and that’s saying something considering the sheer number of scandals and difficult situations many of the area’s biggest stars have found themselves in over the years.

Sheen generally keeps a low profile considering the craziness of his personal life, but there is at least one part of his persona that has been shared in the public discourse recently that offers a window into his family history, as well as the chip on his father’s shoulder that may explain a little more about how Charlie’s personality was eventually shaped.

How Charlie Sheen Got His Second Last Name

charlie and martin sheen

Charlie Sheen’s given last name originates, as fate would have it, from the same place that his first name did ⁠— his father Martin Sheen.

Martin Sheen was born with the name with the name Ramón Estevez, but he decided to change it when he was denied roles on stage because of the less-familiar nature of his Latin last name to audiences, according to the Australian Daily Telegraph.

Martin didn’t fully want the ‘Sheen’ name in the first place, however. He did out of necessity as a struggling actor.

Martin took on the name Sheen through the guidance of Robert Dale Martin, a casting director at CBS, and Fulton Sheen, a bishop from New York.

Later, Charlie’s brother Emilio Estevez would come along and make the family’s last name a legendary one on the national scene, but Charlie decided to take a different path through his life, except in one particular instance nearly ten years ago.

Charlie Sheen is Not His Real Name — He Used His Given Name in One Motion Picture

charlie sheen 1

In 2013, Charlie decided to use his name for one motion picture, ‘Machete Kills,’ according to CNN.

Charlie made this decision for the purposes of “getting into character,” according to the website Contact Music.

The movie has over 2,000 reviews on where it is available to watch for $3.99, overall it has a 4 1/2 star rating, believe it or not.

But that’s not where the story ends, as fate would have it.

Charlie’s given first name is actually ‘Carlos,’ which just so happens to be the English version of the name Charles, as you can see on the poster above.

Charlie Sheen hasn’t spoken too much publicly on his name change, but he did offer insight in one interview with Fox News.

charlie sheen younger days
Charlie Sheen in his younger days.

He said he changed his name originally because he was tired of being confused with his uncle Carlos.

“We would both respond to the name Carlos, so I changed my name,” Sheen said.

He also explained that the Spanish language was “never a part of (his) life growing up, although his siblings did decided to keep their Latin last names.

“I wish I spoke more Spanish,” Charlie added. “I’m sure I can learn, but there hasn’t been a lot of time lately.”

Thanks for reading! And now, you know the story of the famous actor’s last name, in his own words.

Did you know this about Charlie Sheen, and did this information surprise you in any particular way? 

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