Ricky Gervais Calls Chris Rock’s Joke the “Tamest” He Would Have Told, Says He ‘Would Have Joked About Jada’s Boyfriend’ Instead

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British comedian Ricky Gervais is known as one of the most brash and outspoken people in Hollywood, celebrated as much for his pull-no-punches attitude as his successful and long-running stand up comedy career of nearly 40 years.

Gervais, who has hosted five Golden Globes Awards ceremonies but has never hosted the Oscars, recently shared some information as to how he would have opened the show if he had been host, saying he would have taken aim at the extreme income inequality between the average struggling American and the actors at the ceremony, for starters.

He also said he would have told a joke about audience members Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, only his joke would focus on a different topic than Jada’s hair entirely.

Gervais Says He Would Have “Made a Joke About (Jada’s) Boyfriend” Instead

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Gervais has been mostly silent on the topic of Pinkett Smith and her husband since the incident happened, with many people wondering what his take was on the situation because of the 60-year-old actor’s usual frankness.

The comedian had reportedly been testing new material at a show in London’s Highgate this week according to the Mirror, when he shared the following thoughts with the audience.

“I’ll get it out of the way. I have not got any Will Smith material. I trended when that happened and I was not even there.”

Following that appearance, Gervais admitted he would have made a joke about Pinkett Smith — just not the one that most people would have expected.

Gervais said he would have “made a joke about her boyfriend,” according to a report from The Daily Mail.

Pinkett Smith confirmed last fall that she and Will were in an “open relationship” in June 2020, and that she “doesn’t suggest (their) road for anybody.”


Pinkett Smith Confirmed She Was In an ‘Entanglement’ With 29-Year-Old Singer in 2020

august alsina

Most people are not aware of Pinkett Smith’s history in the “open” part of her relationship with Will, but the 50-year-old actress confirmed in June 2020 that she was in an ‘entanglement’ with 29-year-old singer August Alsina.

Gervais has also recently surmised that he doesn’t believe that Pinkett Smith’s alopecia, which causes hair loss, is a disability.

He called Chris Rock’s joke the “tamest he would have ever told.”

“Someone said it was joking about her disability,” he said on camera.

“Well I’m going a bit thin, I’m disabled,” ‘The Office’ writer and director added while pointing at his head. “I can park right up next to Tesco’s now [in disabled parking].”

“I’m fat, that’s a disease. I’m fat and balding,” he added before breaking out into a fit of laughter.


So, what do you think about what Gervais said?

Many online commenters seem to be supporting him, while others are sharing their difficulties with alopecia and calling for more kindness.

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