Mother of Four Who Spends All Day Dumpster Diving Admits She Furnished Her Entire Home, Makes Up to $80,000 in Earnings

dumpster diving mom


There are plenty of gritty careers out there that people can do quite well in, and most of them are easy to get started in.

Jobs such as trash collector, truck driver, and factory worker immediately come to mind, but one woman has taken things to an entirely new level.

The woman, a mother of four, has been spotlighted recently by one of the biggest media Web sites out there after revealing her secrets as part of a career choice that has many people shaking their head — and others looking on with a mixture of wonder and confusion.

Mother of Four Who Scavenges in Dumpsters For a Living Reveals Secret Finds, Earnings 


The woman, 32-year-old Tiffany Butler of Texas, said that she spends at least five to six hours per day searching through dumpsters, and has found some pretty impressive items that she then chooses to either re-sell or add to her home pad, where she raises four children.

mother and children

The items she’s found include designer fashion, expensive makeup kits, pet food and pet supplies, vacuums, food, coffee makers, and toaster ovens, among others.

Tiffany says she has ‘not purchased any makeup or hygiene products for the past two years,’ according to an article from The Daily Mail

A resident of the city of Aubrey in the Lone Star State, she typically focuses on big brand store brands and even found an antique armoire worth $3,000.

She has even furnished her entire home with items she found in trash bins, including her children’s beds.

tiffany trash bins

dumpster woman

She says she has a lot of fancy tools in her kitchen, including one favorite item.

“I’ve probably found every kitchen appliance that you can imagine, but my favorite is a pressure cooker worth around $200,” she said.

‘I’ve gotten Ninja Blenders, coffee makers, toaster ovens, pots, and pans, and lots of dish ware and cutlery.

“Before they started destroying items, I’d get huge boxes of makeup from Ulta on a weekly basis, everything would be unopened.”

woman made a business

She adds that she’s found ‘Kylie Jenner lip kits worth about $33,’ ‘Nars mascara worth over $26,’ and eye shadow palettes worth more than $13.

Her partner Daniel and their four kids, shown above, including Kaylee, 18, Mia, 10, Blake, 9, and Ruxton, 8, are all supportive of her endeavors.

“I found most of my furniture in the bin like my Ikea couch which retails at $300 and a brand-new dresser worth $200,” she said.

Her biggest find price wise includes 60 Xebec Tri-Screen monitors which have a retail value of nearly $30,000.


“It’s Crazy to Think I’ve Made a Business From…Items I Found in the Trash” 

As a re-seller, she has made about $80,000 in the last two years of her practice.

“I’m a big fan of makeup and used to watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube, until one day an advert for an Ulta dumpster haul came up,” she said according to the article.

She told her partner she was going to check out the local Ulta trash bins, and the rest was history.

“It’s crazy to think I’ve created a business from selling perfectly good items that I’ve found in the trash,” she said.

Tiffany now has her own warehouse to store items in, which she is currently renovating and slowly redecorating with items she’s found in the trash.

She also said she’s helping to prevent more items from entering landfills.

‘It’s insane how much big businesses and brands throw away; I hope that I’m doing enough in my area to prevent more going to landfill.’


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