These Native American Proverbs are Life Changing

wisdom native americans
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Have you ever thought about the belief systems of Native Americans, or the religions they practiced in comparison with those of mainstream American society in the year 2021?

According to, Native American tribal members learned about and at times abided by several different distinct and varied religions and doctrines, many of which did not survive to the present.

Others have been preserved over time, along with hundreds of years of wisdom that have been passed down from generation to generation.

According to the same encyclopedia’s website, Native American people themselves often claim that their traditional ways of life do not actually include “religion,” describing it as difficult to translate into their own languages.

Religion is understood as the relationship between living humans and other persons or things, however they are conceived, and views most entities as “spiritual” in nature with traditions seeming to view them only as “sacred” and “more sacred.”

This reverence for all forms of life and the interconnectedness of all things, including entities from beyond the physical realm, helped to preserve the natives’ remarkable stewardship of nature, as well as the natural sanctity of their societies and environments.

In short, if you’re looking for information and belief systems that foster better connectivity to nature and a more thoughtful, intentional existence that takes nature’s role in our lives into account, you should look no further than Native American wisdom and proverbs.

The following are ten Native American proverbs that just might change your viewpoint on certain things, along with a video that contains additional proverbs for your viewing and reciting pleasure.

Proverb #1 

The first proverb, shared by the 200,000-plus subscriber YouTube channel Quotes, deals with the importance of human wisdom and figuring things out on your own versus trusting the highest power.

wisdom native americans

Proverb #2 

Native Americans were known for living in harmony with nature, taking what they need but not over-consuming and harming the land the way we are in today’s industrialized day and age.

Proverb #3

There is always a struggle between good and evil in every human, and the devil is often in the details.

Proverb #4

Nature heals in ways we still don’t fully understand.

Proverb #5

But we should always cherish and respect nature as much as humanly possible.

Proverb #6

Honesty is the best policy.

Proverb #7

Elders have unseen and oftentimes unheard wisdom.

Proverb #8

A special reverence for those who came before us is often conveyed in Native traditions.

Proverb #9

We all have completely different challenges that take quite a long time to even begin to understand.

Proverb #10 

Death is in the eye of the beholder, and many Native Americans believe it is not an ending but the beginning of a new journey in an entirely new place.

Not sure what you think about these proverbs, but they really made me see things in a different light.

Watch the full video below from the Quotes page, and let us know which one touched you the most if you have a chance to leave your thoughts in the comments section of this Facebook post.

Thanks for reading and watching!




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