Heroic Goat and Rooster Team Saves Their Chicken Friend From a Hawk Attack

chickens and goats on the farm


It is often said that animals are kinder souls than humans, and that they look out for their own kind way better than we ever could.

Recently, a scene unfolded on a farm in Gelderland, Netherlands, showing just how protective farm animals can be of their friends, especially when it comes to saving their lives from impending doom.

The scene unfolded on September 5 when a lone chicken was relaxing in the middle of an enclosure that also included several other chickens, a rooster, a playscape, and at least two goats.

Jaap Beets was standing on the farm when he heard loud screaming coming from his livestock outside.

The chicken, seemingly with eyes on the back of its head, deftly maneuvered right as the hawk swooped down, doing its best to avoid the marauding predator of the sky.

It was then that the chicken’s comrades on the farm transformed into superheroes.

As the hawk pursued and trapped the chicken against the bottom area of the fence, a brave rooster and goat joined the fracas and went at the predatory bird with full force.

The rooster did its best, but was ultimately rebuked by the hawk, who had a tight grip on his chicken friend and was simply too big for the rampaging rooster.

He did manage to slow down the hawk just enough for the goat to come charging in, however.

chickens and goats on the farm

With its aerodynamic body and curved front horns, the goat began the difficult task of prying the chicken loose from the hawk’s death grip.

He begins dancing alongside the hawk, following his every move while twisting into a vortex of life-and-death combat.

Simply by keeping his head attached to the hawk, the goat is eventually able to overpower the fearsome bird and pry his chicken friend loose.

The full video is a little under one minute long and can be seen in its entirety below.

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