Experiencing Pain? Here Are 3 Key Ways To Stop It Fast

Pain is a culmination of affects happening in the body that is not ideal for anyone experiencing it. Pain will only continue to worsen and become worse if it is not addressed. It’s not something that comes out of nowhere. Just like disease, diabetes, obesity or any other health condition. These aren’t born overnight, they take years to play out.

The body on it’s own runs in a healthy manner. It flows, circulates and moves how it should. But when we develop unhealthy habits such as eating malnourished food, empty calories, or develop stagnant habits such as not moving enough.

These all complicate and create stagnancy in the body. Stagnancy is the first issue. Lack of movement doesn’t allow the flow of the blood, the circulation to move. It also harms the lymphatic system as well. The stagnancy of these two systems causes a lack of proper nutrient delivery to areas of the body that are needed.

When the body isn’t flowing as it should within the blood and lymphatic system it causes real world issues, pain being one of them. Another factor that isn’t discussed enough is emotional health in relation to physical pain. Here’s what you can do to downregulate pain sooner than later..

3 Ways To Stop Pain Fast

Pain can be kept at bay by giving your body what it needs to begin to remediate pain and to reverse the pathways of pain that grew in the first place. Once you understand the causes of pain you can take decisive action to remediate those pain pathways.

First, you want to tame the inflammation in your body. Inflammation is part of the reason pain is recurring. Once inflammation is tamed, pain will decrease.

  1. Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation is one of the core causes of inflammation in the body, but it’s important to understand that inflammation is not bad. Inflammation is a natural response of the body. It acts as a healing response. It quite literally creates space for healing cells to come in and do the important healing work. The best known anti-inflammatory agent in the world is turmeric. Turmeric downregulates more inflammation pathway than anything else, based on the research. I personally use Omica Organics Turmeric (both powder and liquid) because it’s biodynamically grown. It tastes better, smells better and is cleaner than other Turmeric powders on the market. It’s simply more effective. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order.

    I personally recommend Omica Organics turmeric because it is biodynamic, meaning it’s grow without any chemicals. This is better than organically grown. They also have a liquid tincture, as well as a powder. I use both personally. The liquid tincture is good in the car or on the road, and the powder is great at home.

  2. Get Movement in Your Body: Move your body! Your circulation and lymphatic system depend on movement. Stagnancy will lead to more lymphatic stagnation and more pain. If it hurts when you move, you need to slowly move into that and at the very least go for walks. Get the blood flowing and lymphatic system moving. You also want to hydrate better. Drink more water and get more electrolytes and minerals in your diet. This will help to keep the lymphatic system hydrated and to flush old lymphatic fluid that has become stagnant. Drink purified water, spring water, reverse osmosis or distilled water. Anything cleaner than tap water! By simply hydrating and moving it will reduce pain.
  3. Apply Topical Support To The Areas Of Pain:

    The areas of the body that are in pain need immediate topical support. Beyond internal movement, hydration and turmeric, it’s great to apply magnesium to the areas of pain topically. Magnesium is a softening mineral. Magnesium helps to reduce inflammation markers and brings ease to these areas of the body. Even stress or tension within specific areas of the body feel calmer, more relaxed and more at ease with magnesium applied topically to these areas.

    Not only will magnesium ease the tension, pain and stress in these areas of the body but it will also. I use the both the turmeric and magnesium from Omica Organics. They pair well together to tame inflammation and pain from within the body, as well as external to the body. You can get 10% off your order by using the discount code: VFDF7M at checkout by clicking here.

    The best part about Omica Organics products is that the powder or liquid tincture turmeric work well internally. Then, they have magnesium bath flakes, as well as a magnesium topical spray. I recommend everything. Take the baths for your whole body to soak up magnesium, but use the spray when you need it in those specific areas in the morning, or before bed. But the baths really help to create a calm, relaxed, pain free body.

    Click here to visit Omica Organics, and get turmeric and magnesium to support your body in recovering from pain and being at ease today. Use discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order. This is a lifetime code, so be sure to save it somewhere to save 10% each time you order.

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