Feeling Dizzy? Here Are 5 Ways To Stop It Now

Have you ever felt dizzy for no reason? Not sure why? It’s not good to be in a state where your center of axis is off. This can affect your balance while walking or moving. This can also affect your senses while driving or doing other things. It is important to understand tat being dizzy and not getting this fixed can potentially be dangerous or even life threatening.

Potential Causes Of Your Dizziness:

There could be a variety of reasons why you are feeling dizzy, but we’ll cover the top reasons why you’re feeling dizzy so that you can cover these bases and make sure that your body is healthy, balanced and stable. These key areas are important to cover so that you know what’s causing you to be dizzy in the first place.

What is making you dizzy is an underlying imbalance, and when that imbalance is addressed it will help to stabilize your body.

The main causes of dizziness are an inner ear disturbance of some kind, effects of medication or motion sickness. The HPA axis of the body can be off also. This can cause vertigo or dizziness as well.

What is the HPA axis?

The HPA axis is a major component of the homeostatic response is the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This is an incredibly intricate, yet quite dynamic and robust, neuroendocrine mechanism that mediates the effects of stressors by regulating numerous physiological processes, such as metabolism, immune responses, as well as the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The HPA axis helps to keep the Hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal glands aligned and operating properly. These communicate with your nervous system and help the body find it’s homeostasis.

What Else Can Cause Dizziness or Vertigo?

Another potential cause of vertigo/dizziness is simply having imbalanced blood sugar levels. When blood sugar is imbalanced it causes the body to do what it needs to do in order to balance itself out. Beyond dizziness, feeling weak and tired or feeling brain fog are also signs of low blood sugar.

If blood sugar is high for example, it causes the kidneys to remove any excess glucose from the blood through urine. As the kidneys begin to filter glucose out of the blood, they also remove water through urine. This increased urination means that people with high blood sugar can become dehydrated more easily. And guess what? Dehydration can also cause dizziness.

On the other end of this, low blood sugar can cause dizziness as well. When your blood sugar levels are low the brain tries preserving as much energy as possible. This can cause one to feel light-headed or dizzy in the process.

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How To Know If Low or High Blood Sugar is Affecting You?

In order to know if your blood sugar is low or high it’s quite simple. If you haven’t eaten sugar or carbs in several hours or more, or any protein, your blood sugar is probably low because your body has already metabolized it. If you JUST ate carbohydrates or sugar then your body could have high blood sugar. Especially the food has a lot of processed sugar in it.

If your blood sugar is low, you’ll simply want to get some natural sugars such as fruit or protein which also helps to balance blood sugar levels as well.

If your blood sugar is high however, you’ll simply want to bring your blood sugar down by burning some calories and ingesting cinnamon water, along with other blood sugar stabilizers.

What you want to do is stabilize your blood sugar levels to the best of your ability. Making sure that you eat protein consistently and using herbs like cinnamon, rosemary and oregano help to balance and stabilize blood sugar levels naturally.

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What you want to do to gain your stability back is to:

1. Avoid medications of any kind to the best of your ability, and if you’re on a medication that is making you dizzy seek out a health professional that can help you remove that medication from your life safely.

2. Hydrate properly: Stay hydrated! This includes not only drinking enough water but also having enough electrolytes in your diet to ensure that hydration works properly in your body! Click to Read: The 6 Electrolytes Necessary For Hydration (It’s more than water) 

3. Balance Blood Sugar Levels: Eat protein multiple times a day, this is the best way to stabilize blood sugar levels. Also, give Glucofort a try to really take your blood sugar stabilizing to the next level.

4. Go for walks regularly: Regularly exercising the right-left movements of the body helps to calm and rewire the nervous system which plays an intricate role in our body feeling balanced and stable, or dizzy.

5. Sit or lay down: When you are feeling dizzy take a seat or lay down on your back. By sitting or laying still it recalibrates the body and allows the body to find it’s natural physical homeostasis.

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