Internal vs. External EMF & Radiation Protection – Which is Best?

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I used to be very sensitive to EMF’s and radiation. I’d get headaches if I was on the phone too long, I’d feel sore and tight. Tingling and numbness in my fingers if I was holding onto the phone too long. Thankfully I learned how to mitigate the harmful and damaging effects of EMF’s and radiation by learning the pathway in which it harms the body.

Electronic devices not only stress us out because of what we see on the screen, the negative news, but it also stresses us out because wireless devices emit something known as positive ions.

Positive ions are positively charged particles that convert into free radicals when they land on our skin or when we inhale them through our nose. What do free radicals do?

These haywire particles build up and cause what is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leads to premature aging, damaging the gut, genes, cells and body as a whole. Oxidative stress also causes chronic inflammation.

The less positive ions, the less free radical stress. The less free radical stress the less oxidative damage.

Ideally we all lived in the woods, grew our own food and could avoid wifi and cell phones but that’s simply not the case.

These wireless devices emit positive ions which then lead to free radical stress, and oxidative damage.

Take a look at how oxidative stress progresses here:

EMF’s & Radiation Damage Cell & Gene Health

Over time our exposure to these electronic devices build up free radicals which then leads to cells with oxidative stress. This aging, inflammation, and damage causes us to have headaches, gut issues, pain and tension in our body and a host of other issues. The key here is to counteract oxidative stress and free radicals by minimizing them or giving the body things that counteract them.

Internal vs. External Protection From Radiation & EMF’s:

I’ve seen so many products on the market that claim to protect from radiation and EMF’s and 99% of them are utterly useless. Everything from stickers, to jewelry to devices that cost $1k or more. They claim to ‘block’ or ‘protect’ but have no proof or evidence of doing so. Others claim to ‘harmonize’ the EMF’s into ‘good emf’s’ but this once again has no proof. Convenient claim though right?

Most external EMF/Radiation protection does absolutely nothing and it does not work. There is really only one external way that has been tested and proven to mitigate EMF/Radiation damage.

Faraday technology.

What is that, you ask? A many named Michael Faraday pioneered this. It is a type of simple design that either repels or contains EMF’s, those pesky electromagnetic frequencies!

Watch this video to see what it is exactly:

This ‘cage’ design has been applied to many different products that we use in our everyday lives. Clothing is the most functional aspect of faraday technology. I wear lambs clothing to repel EMF’s away from my body. You can visit Lambs by going to

Internal EMF Protection: My 3-Step Protocol

The best way to protect from EMF’s & radiation is to simply strengthen your internal biology and support the parts of the body that counteract the free radical stress and oxidative damage caused by EMF’s & radiation. There are three pathways that you can support your body to protect your body from the damaging effects of EMF’s.

Step 1: Hydration

Dehydration and free radical damage go hand in hand. Simply staying hydrated reduces the compounding effect of free radicals in the body leading up to oxidative stress. Drinking pure water such as spring water, distilled, or reverse osmosis is a great start. I use a hydrogen water machine from Echo h2, click here to visit in order to add more hydrogen to my water and enhance hydration even further. Make sure to use the discount code: healthywildfree to get $25 off your hydrogen machine.

Step 2: Mineralization

Water alone doesn’t hydrate the body fully. You need specific electrolytes (minerals) that create intracellulare hydration for the body. This keeps your body fully hydrated and maintains fluid levels. Minerals hold water in the body and give the cells the intracellular hydration that it needs. If you don’t have enough minerals in your body you will drink the water in and pee it out.

I personally use essential electrolytes from Paleovalley which tastes great, click here to get 15% off. I also use Shilajit from Omica Organics, use the discount code: VFDF7M to get 10% off there. Both of these are great powder based sources of minerals that you add to water to get the minerals your body needs to be hydrated.

Step 3: ORAC Antioxidants

Oxidative stress is the end result of being in an environment with EMF’s. You’re going to be in an environment with EMF’s creating oxidative stress, so antioxidants work to directly counteract these better than anything else. Take a look here:

Antioxidants donate electrons to free radicals to repair them which prevents oxidative stress, premature aging, headaches, tightness and tension in the body, chronic inflammation, gut issues and more.

That’s why Radiate 21 is such a great formula. It acts as an antioxidant rich formula to stop the free radical damage in its tracks. Watch to learn more:

Click here to visit today. Use the discount code: vip10 to get 10% off your order.

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