Kanye West Wears ‘Controversial’ White Lives Matter Shirt And The Internet is Going Crazy

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There’s no doubt of controversy online, and some people are naturally more controversial than others. Some people are also more controversial, less understood, and more judged. Kanye West would be in that rare category of people. Having the odds stacked for him and against him at the same time.

Kanye began his career as a producer, making beats for hip hop artists and eventually elevated his expertise to making beats for the infamous Jay z. But he couldn’t stop there. Since he was a child his dream was to be a rapper, a poet, put words on a track and let them fly! To him, making beats and producing music was just an internship until he could get an opportunity to share his voice on the mic.

Documented in the Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, a netflix documentary series documenting Kanye’s life. You see his ups, his downs, his trials and tribulations. You see his incredible mother Donda who sowed a lot of wisdom, encouragement and guidance into her son.

Why is Kanye West Posting White Lives Matter Shirts on Instagram

Recently Kanye West posted four images (out of the 15 total images) on his Instagram featuring him wearing or posting ‘White lives matter’ shirts or messaging. Take a look here:


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As you can see here. Kanye West isn’t playing into the BLM game, at all. Not only did he post white lives matter (which angers some BLM supporters, the one’s who still think it’s ‘black vs. white’ but really it’s us (humanity) vs. them (those dividing us intentionally). Kanye West understands this.

He knows that our brothers and sisters come in all skin tones, sizes and shapes. Our worth or where we stand in society doesn’t get to be dictated by the media, but by our soul. From within. This is something that as a culture and society we forget. We determine our worth, from the inside out. We do NOT determine our worth from the outside in.

So Kanye West, is flipping the script, yet again. Hoping that people will understand that white lives matter, and more importantly ‘all lives matter’ so stop getting caught up in the intentionally engineered race wars.

Even Breonna Taylor’s mother, a young black woman who was killed by the police was quoted as saying:

I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville personally and have found them to be a fraud.

It’s worth understanding what happened here. Breonna was killed by the police in a horrible situation where her boyfriend and the police were in a shootout and she happened to be caught in the crossfire and ended up dying. Horribly sad. However, what’s sad beyond that is that BLM decided to raise money in her name to support ‘black justice’ but her family didn’t see one red cent of that money.

Why is Kanye Going Against The Grain Again?

No one can be sure as to why Kanye is going against the mainstream, against the herd of people going in one direction yet again. But one thing’s for certain. Kanye questions everything and is a critical thinker. After deeper digging into BLM I found that multiple people who started the organization or were pivotal in it’s beginning days quit completely as they found the organization did not have pure intentions.

Kanye West understands very deep and important lessons about humankind.
  1. It’s never ____ vs. ______, in this case ‘black vs. white’ that’s a bad idea and a losing game for whoever plays it. No one wins when we fight each other. Kanye isn’t saying ‘white lives matter’ more than black lives, he’s saying ‘white lives’ matter too. He’s truly saying all lives matter. Choosing sides creates a lose-lose scenario for everyone. Choosing all of humanity is a win-win for everyone. Elevation is the name of the game. Elevation for all.
  2. He doesn’t care if you judge him. In a world where people constantly seek validation, and listen to the criticism and judgement of others, Kanye has cut off this dopamine circuitry in his brain and is truly a FREE thinker. He thinks for himself. He doesn’t think “what will be popular, what will get me likes?” If anything he thinks “What will be unpopular, but real? and true?” And he goes with that, fearlessly.
  3. He puts God’s opinion far above the opinion of man. He is one of the few rare people at his level that put God’s weight, God’s word, and God’s opinion. His personal beliefs, far above the opinion of men around him. I admire this. He has a higher calling that he finds direction in and orients himself to pursue the purpose that he feels God has for him. In a world distracted by drugs, sex, rock and roll and money, he doesn’t pursue what he knows is ultimately a downfall in the end.

Whether you hate (strong word, for people that don’t even know him) or love him. One thing’s for certain, Kanye won’t care what you think about him and he’ll continue to pursue what he feels and believes is best for his life, with God’s direction, for his family.

It’s clear that he values God, family, and humanity as a whole. That is something we could all admire a bit more of, instead of endlessly judge by the media’s crooked ‘standards’ for our lives.

Other rappers such as Lil Wayne, The Game, and even Tupac have voiced similar comments in their lyrics or words off the stage sharing that it’s not about race, now. It’s not about racism. It’s not about black vs. white. Kanye West is just another artist trying to spread the truth and stop the division, but people won’t wake up and smell the coffee until they brew it themselves. And as it stands right now, most people are still letting the media brew their mind-caffeine for them.

Take a look and hear what Morgan Freeman, prominent actor, philanthropist, as well as owner of a converted 124 acre ranch to a honeybee sanctuary to support the bee population and agriculture had to say about racism in a heated interview:

While everyone won’t agree with what Morgan Freeman share’s here, or what Don Lemon has to share about discussing race everyday. They do make a point. The more you talk about something and amplify it the more of an issue it becomes. We all know people in our personal lives who bring more drama and negative energy to any situation and it simply amplifies the problem.

There are at least two different types of people in life. Those that have a positive mindset and work on solving problems, or those that have a negative mindset and talk about the problems over and over again. Ask yourself, which of these two people is making the world a better place? And which one are you?

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