Man Buys New House Then His Gut Tells Him To Dig In His Backyard

A farmer bought a new home and something in his gut told him to dig up his backyard. The persistent nudging led him to finally dig up his back yard, and you will not believe what he found. This was discovered so unexpectedly. This farmer, Jose, dug up his back yard in Buenos Aires Argentina.

He decided to go on a Christmas day walk in his backyard with his dog. On his walk near the riverbank he noticed something that looked like a giant black egg. Thrown off by what he perceived as a giant black egg he decided to stop and take a look further. A sudden sense of curiosity led him to look closer. His gut told him to look closer. It was covered in mud and he dug it out.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Jose was digging this out for 15 minutes. He couldn’t quite dig it out. He told his wife he found a “massive black colored egg that came from a dinosaur.”

She laughed, and didn’t believe him. When she got closer she saw what he had described and was quite surprised. They couldn’t quite make out what this was so Jose called the police and hoped they would believe him when he shared what he had discovered in his backyard. The police actually thought the call was a prank call from some bored teenagers, but this was no prank at all.

Jose convinced the police to come and see it for themselves. As they digged further his dog started to bark and growl. What had Jose’s canine companion found? They knew they needed to take further action and bring in the experts. With tensions high, they called in two local archeologists to see what the discovery was.

This was a relic from ancient times. They finally dug it out and were able to get it to a lab. At the lab they were able to run some tests and find out what the 2 ton object was. It was identified as a kind of shell or armor of the prehistoric beast. This discovery turned out to be a glyptodon. This was a prehistoric beast with an armored shell that was about the size of a volkswagen beetle car! How incredible is that?

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