New Science Finds That Coffee Reduces Breast Size (Here’s What You Need To Know)

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Our dietary and lifestyle choices affect our body, health and biology more than we know. The more that time goes on the more science proves this to be true. Our diet plays a role in our metabolism, the physique of our body and how much weight we hold around our waist. Love handles or not, what we put into our mouth has a big direct impact on the fat tissue on our body.

Breasts are no different, mostly comprised of post adipose fat tissue. They are mostly fat and store fat for you. The breasts also store estrogen, a hormone that is beneficial in reproduction and overall hormonal health.

It turns out that new science is showing that caffeine (coffee, or anything with caffeine) impacts the size of a woman’s breasts, and this can change over time based on the level of caffeine consumed. There were 300 women a part of this study and the researchers found that 3 cups of coffee were enough to shrink women’s breast size. The more caffeine consumed, the more breast size shrank. The less caffeine consumed, the lest breast size shrank.

This has to do with caffeine being a metabolic enhancer and fat burner.  As researchers dove further into the research they found an even deeper layer of why caffeine (coffee) makes women’s breast size shrink. There is a specific gene, the CYP1A2*1F (A/A genotype) that is a gene code for the CYP1A2 enzyme, which happens to play a role in both coffee as well as estrogen metabolism.

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The Craziest Part?

Coffee shrinks or grows your breasts based on whether or not you have this specific gene. In other words, you won’t know how caffeine affects your breast size unless you get tested for the gene or unless you do an experiment on yourself. Do more caffeine for a week or two, and then no caffeine for a week or two and see what happens at the end of each experiment.

In other words, you don’t know if you have this gene or not so the best way to actually tell is to experiment on yourself, that is, if you desire to change your breast size.  This video explains quite well:

Interestingly enough, the researchers say that this interaction was mainly driven by the fact that coffee consumption of three cups a day or more was associated with lower breast volume in women who did not have the CYP1A21F A/A genotype. If they had the other version of the gene however, then caffeine actually increased breast size.

Caffeine Increases Or Decreases Breast Size Based on Bio-individuality

What’s the key takeaway here? That if you have one version of this gene your breast size will shrink with caffeine. If you have the second version of this gene your breast size will actually increase with caffeine. So, caffeine can go in either direction based on the genetic makeup of your individual body.

While I’m sure there are ways to test to see if you have this gene or not, a simpler test would be to do a 3-cup of coffee per day stint and see how it changes your breast size, which direction does it go in? That will tell you all you need to know. This experiment is also burning fat, and metabolizing estrogen also, so don’t overdue it and make sure to stay hydrated and get your minerals in as coffee is a diuretic that depletes your body of water and minerals.

Coffee and caffeine aren’t the only components that influence breast size. Many women are now claiming that maca has helped them increase their cup size as well. Maca is a hormonal enhancing root that boosts stamina, estrogen and other components of the body. Just one of many methods. There was a whole system developed by a woman named Jenny Bolton who actually increased her breast size by two full cups in just a few short months!

So, does coffee decreases breast size? Coffee Increase Breast Size? It does make a change, but the direction it goes in is all dependent on your genes.

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