Rescue Dog Keeps Paw On New Owner At All Times To Make Sure He Won’t Be Left Again

clarence and stanley

A little bit of love goes a long way for humans, but even moreso for rescue animals.

As fate would have it, it doesn’t take a whole lot to transform a shy, scared pup into an affectionate and trusting companion.

That’s exactly what happened when Stanley the stray dog was rescued from a bully breed facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Stanley was just six months old when he was rescued, after previously being found on an abandoned property with his sibling and mom.

The man who rescued him, Sam Clarence, quickly became his best friend.

clarence and stanley

Clarence had been a dog-walker, and was asked to foster one of the puppies for a few weeks.

Soon, that foster pup would become his most loyal companion.

Unfortunately for Clarence, Stanley did not quite trust him right off the bat.

Stanley was terrified, and took an hour just to come out of the car.

Clarence did everything he could to make the dog feel more comfortable, including staying in constant physical contact with his furry companion.

clarence the owner dog paw touching him

Stanley continued to take up Clarence’s offer, making sure that he always had at least one paw touching his new human’s back.

They’ve become not just best friends but also road trip buddies, during which Stanley’s paw almost never leaves Clarence’s side.

Whenever Clarence moves, Stanley moves with him.


clarence and dog paw

He’s not afraid to show his log for his human, and Clarence has been rewarded with a friend for life.

After building up this long lasting friendship, Stanley has finally broken out of his shell and is no longer scared.

He loves his new dad and is grateful for a second chance at life.

He’s transformed from a frightened young pup to a friendly and outgoing “velcro dog.”

And it’s not just Clarence who gets his affection —  Stanley loves everyone he meets, including other dogs.

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