“Giggle Monster” Baby Can’t Stop Laughing While Shopping With Mom

baby giggling home depot


Sometimes, in the midst of all the political stories and virus related stories and natural disaster related stories, there are the simple things that remind us just how precious and incredible this life can be.

One such moment happened at a Home Depot recently as little baby Broden Wiser shared a moment with his mother that has been immortalized on TikTok for the Wiser family’s nearly 14,000 followers to see.

Baby Wiser was filmed being pushed in a cart on an errand with his mom in the popular home improvement chain store, and what followed was a delightful scene that is sure to restore your faith in humanity.

Full of life and good tidings, the sweet little baby can be seen taking stock of his surroundings in the opening scene of the short video clip.

Hanging out in the shopping cart, he seems quite content with his surroundings for the most part, blissfully unaware of what may happen next.

It is then that his mother decides to give him a gentle push in the basket, while mouthing the word “Bye…” to the sweet baby boy.


wiser baby

While some babies would begin to panic and feel as if their whole world is falling apart, Little Baby Wiser takes it in stride and with gentle good humor, and eventually begins cracking up, to the delight of his mother and the 900,000 people who “liked” the video on the popular app thus far.

“Is there anything better than a full-bellied baby giggle?” wrote Today.com as they shared the influencers’ popular video recently.

The mother gently pushes the sweet young child a bit further away each time, and the baby continues to remain in good spirits, laughing with knowing glee.

In a world where everyone is uptight about so many different things, it’s refreshing to see this mother building up trust and a loving bond with her sweet child the way my parents did when I was a little one.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you simply must check it out.

Baby Wiser and his sweet little laugh may not be the hero we thought we wanted, but he is definitely the hero we need during these times.

Kick back and relax while watching this one. Thank God for sweet kids like this to keep the attention on what’s truly important in life!


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