Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Astonishing Revelation About JFK’s Assassination and the Startling Motives for His Untimely Demise on the Joe Rogan Podcast Revealed

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John F. Kennedy has one of the most talked about assassinations in the entire world. Everyone has a theory and many people believe the CIA played a role in the killing of this well-liked president. There have been many theories over the years but Robert Kennedy Jr. was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast and unexpectedly opened a can of worms.

He spoke on the killing of JFK and the military industrial complex at large.

He shares..

My uncle John Kennedy refused to go to war. He was surrounded by the military industrial complex. He realized early on that the purpose of the CIA and intelligence apparatus. Their purpose is to create constant new wars for the military industrial complex.

He shares that Dwight Eisenhower, the outgoing president shared one of the most important speeches by any president possibly in American history.

Watch the full video here:

One thing that may be worth noting that wasn’t mentioned here is that JFK was planning to end the federal reserve. This is the banking cartel that controls the value of American dollars to this day.

If the federal reserve were to end it would have fundamentally changed the financial system forever. I believe this was an even bigger threat than the public war dialogue.

Later in the interview with Joe Rogan RFK shared that he was being careful because the CIA might already see him as a threat and do what they did to his uncle, to him.

Take a look at the dialogue here:

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