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Avoid These 12 Brands Of Bottled Water, As They Are Full Of Toxic Chemicals That Have Been Linked To Neurotoxicity, Reduced Brain Activity & Thyroid Issues

toxic chemicals

In recent times, the effects of toxic chemicals like fluoride on overall health have become a subject of intense controversy. Scientific studies have concluded that …

forever chemicals

Twenty Two States Begin The Ban On These Dangerous “Forever Chemicals”: As Big Texas Oil Is Caught Dumping 40 Thousand Pounds Into The Air, Soil And Water

If you haven’t heard the term “forever chemicals”, you may be surprised to find out that they do, in fact, stay around for a very …

air fryer

Warning: Is Your “Healthy” Air Fryer Emitting Cancerous Chemicals? Here Are The Safest Options And Those To Avoid At All Costs

Ok, so I am basically the only person I know who doesn’t own an air fryer… that’s not to say that I don’t want one, …