The Evidence is UNDENIABLE: Smart Meters On Your House Create Health Risks To The Heart & Brain – Here’s What To Do To Mitigate

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I have the unique experience of writing this article as a former meter reader. I worked for DTE (Detroit Edison) reading meters and get to share not only my personal experience but the science behind smart meters and why they are harmful, and what to do about it to protect your home and family.

At the time when I had this job I wasn’t familiar with how radiation could damage human biology. I was walking and reading meters and this was my job. This was before smart meters were even invented because they needed me to walk from house to house or business to business to do what these smart meters now emit into the cloud.

During this job I had plenty of challenges to deal with. I had to deal with the elements, dogs, finding the hidden meter under overgrown brush. You name it.

There was one challenge that I wasn’t prepared for however. During this time I was exposed to high levels of radiation each and every single day. I didn’t know what it was at that time.

What happened over the next 12 months at this job would shock me. I was young at the time, lean and fit. I was 19 years old and walking 4 or 5 miles daily. You’d think I’d have no health concerns.

I went from a healthy able bodied person to having heart palpitations, horrible insomnia and pain in not one but BOTH of my knees every single day. Do I attribute this all to the radiation I was exposed to on a daily basis from walking past smart meters all day long? No, there were nutritional components that played a role, I was wearing shoes that were damaging my posture and casusing knee pain.

The heart palpitations and insomnia however I do believe were caused from a high exposure of radiation. I remember one day having to walk around a cell phone tower to find an electrical meter. By the time I walked around it and read it and left I had a headache. I remember thinking to myself that this cannot be healthy, I felt worse in just a few minutes and had a headache for a few hours just from being that close to a cell phone tower.

So what are the effects of smart meters?

The Health Effects of Smart Meters

Research conducted by expert Daniel Hirsch at UCSD shows that smart meters can interfere with cardiovascular functions, despite what official government reports may claim. Hirsch notes that most studies on the topic are influenced and paid for by utility companies such as PG&E. One smart meter can expose people to as much radiation as 100 cell phones. Symptoms of EMF exposure can include sleep problems, headaches, anxiety, concentration problems, fatigue, heart palpitations, chest pain, endocrine disorders, and even seizures.

If you experience any of these symptoms chronically, it may be worth checking if you have a smart meter installed in or near your home. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has already requested a recall of smart meters until further research has been conducted. You may want to make the same request to protect your health.

What Can You Do To Protect From Radiation?

There are plenty of things that emit radiation into the environment. Cell phones, wifi routers, smart meters, ‘smart devices’ that communicate via Bluetooth, location or wifi enabled devices. The more of these in your environment the more electrical pollution your body has to deal with.

It becomes particularly challenging for the nervous system as your nervous system is the electrical system of YOUR body. Imagine an external electrical signal entangling with your own and sending it mixed messages. This is exactly what’s happening. This creates stress on the nervous system, cells and flow of the natural body.

There are several things that you can do. 

  1. Use Lambs Clothing & Head wear. Faraday technology uses silver lining (literally, real silver) in a pattern that either keeps radiation contained or repels it depending on the direction of the faraday silver lining. In the case of Lambs clothing, they create beanie hats to protect the brain, shirts to protect the heart, chest and gut as well as boxers to protect genitals. This clothing is a game changer and is best worn at times when you’re using wifi constantly, or are on your cell phone or near radiation for a period of time. You can visit by clicking here.
  2. Get a faraday cage for your smart meter: Ideally you can get your smart meter removed. There have been people that have petitioned their electrical company to do this. Some of them pay a monthly fee of $10 or $15 more because that meter then needs to be read again. If you cannot do this I recommend getting a faraday cage for your smart meter. You can get one from by clicking here.
  3. Take Radiate Immunity: Radiate Immunity is a supplement that has been formulated with four of the top ten highest rated ORAC antioxidants in the world. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This means that these antioxidants support the body to counteract oxygen oxidation. Guess what radiation does? Oxidizes oxygen at a faster rate creating free radical and oxidative stress and damage. Radiate Immunity works to counteract that. Visit here to learn more.

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