This Blind & Autistic 10 Year Old Boy Sings in Front Of Church Bringing Goosebumps And Tears To Many

At a church in Boston, they discovered a hidden talent from the most unlikely place. A 10 year old by the name of Christopher Duffley. Christopher Duffley had a difficult upbringing.

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His mother was addicted to oxycontin and cocaine, and he was born in Florida into the foster care system. Family in Boston decided to take him in after realizing that his mother was no longer raising him and he was in the foster system.

At 4 years old, Christopher went down to the front of a music ministry and sang the song “Open the eyes of my heart Lord” to an audience, that was shocked at how amazing his voice was, leading him to be discovered by local media outlets in Boston.

His uncle, now father introduces him to their church in Boston and shares “Christopher was born in 2011.” Not a second later, the blind, autistic boy corrects his father and says “2001” the audience and his new father laugh, his father says “He can tell it better than me.”

After his father walks away, and takes his guide cane away, Christopher takes the microphone and begins to sing…

“Open the eyes of my heard Lord. Open the eyes of my heart.” With a tremendously unique and striking voice.

After singing the full song word for word in a tremendous fashion, and the crowd beginning to clap about halfway through, he gains confidence and belches out “Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you. To see you high and lifted up. Shining in the light of your glory. Pour out your power and glory.”

Christopher remembered the entire song word for word, and sang in a tremendous fashion moving the audience to tears, cheers and claps.

At the end of the video the father retrieves the mic and gives it to the pastor. Christopher bows to the audience, jumps up and down and puts his hands in the air, celebrating the victory of being able to perform “Open the eyes of my heart Lord” and simply sing a song that brings people together.

The video is inspiring, and a tear jerker. Tune in here:

Seeing this boy sing the words ‘open the eyes of my heart Lord’ with such conviction and fervor really got me thinking, what does it mean to ask the Lord to “Open the eyes of your heart?” Maybe this is more than a song, and an emotional tear jerker. Maybe this is something that we really need to take to heart.

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