Video Captures Massive Flock of Birds Falling Suddenly From the Sky in Mexico

flock of birds fall from the sky


Nature is a complex web of ecosystems, each more interconnected than the last.

If we are to protect and preserve nature in all of its glory, then one thing is for certain: we have to become more in touch with these systems, to use less toxic and invasive energy systems and materials, and to work with nature, rather than against it.

Over the past decade-plus, environmental organizations and curious onlookers alike have been mesmerized and frustrated by reports of mass animal die-offs, especially in regards to birds and ocean life.

Recently, security cameras captured the moment that one of these mass die-offs occurred in the north Mexican state of Chihuahua — and this is one mystery that has remained in question for the time being.

Dead Birds Line Sidewalks and Streets of Mexican City

According to a Feb. 15 report, the reason behind the mysterious dropping of the birds remains unclear.

The dead birds were discovered early on February 7 by residents of Cuauhtémoc, the Spanish-language newspaper El Heraldo de Chihuahua reported.

Police in the area observed dozens of dead birds on the sidewalks and streets.

According to interviewee Alejandra Herlinda Iglesias Gonzalez, two of her relatives were among those who witnessed the birds on the street. Police spoke to the family and discovered when they crashed from the sky by checking the Gonzalez family’s security camera footage.

The video below, which has been widely shared on social media, shows a cloud of blackbirds suddenly crashing to the ground. They were believed to be yellow-headed junipers.

Some appear to survive the fall and fly away, while others lay dead on the city streets.


A veterinarian on the scene said that the birds may have died after inhaling toxic fumes from a heater or overload from power lines nearby, according to the newspaper.

But no specific cause was officially determined.

A similar happening occurred in early 2020 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as part of something a witness described as being “straight out of a movie.”

Check out the video below and see for yourself.




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