Watch Out Tesla – There’s A New Electric Truck In Town

Tesla has seen a lot of growth since inception, and people seem to love them. They are incredibly quiet, sleek cars with a lot of distinction, character and class. I have a few friends that own Tesla’s and each Tesla owner seems to absolutely love their Tesla, albeit the price tag. Recently, a new electric car company is in town however and it might be one worth noticing. I’ve seen them maybe three or four times on the street tops. Once in Seattle, and once in Detroit, where they are headquartered.

This truck boasts a set of features that I think Tesla will even have a tough time matching up with.

With the raising gas prices as of late, having an electrically charged truck or car does sound a bit enticing. A friend of mine that owns a Tesla shared that it cost about $5 to charge her car all the way. That’s a bit hard to believe personally, and I’m not sure how accurate her assessment truly is, but one thing’s for certain. Driving electric is cheaper to get from A to B, especially nowadays with rising gas prices all over the nation.

It seems like the future of automobiles is electric. More and more car manufacturers are developing electric cars, or hybrid cars that run on both gas and electric. It is quite obvious that the leader in the EV space is Tesla. These vehicles are seen more and more often, and let’s be honest, more and more of our friends and family are getting these cars. I see them much more often now than I did just five years ago.

Enter Rivian: The Transformer Of Trucks + All Electric

There’s no doubt that Tesla’s truck had a tough launch. Elon went to show how tough the glass was and completely broke through it on demo day. If you missed that clip, here it is:

After this fail on demo day, the truck still pre-sold completely out, surprisingly. There are some hardcore Tesla fans out there. But, wait until Rivian enters the picture. Rivian is an electric truck manufacturer that has created something quite monumental, and quite game-changing.

Rivian has some major backing and alignments also. With backing from Ford Motor Company as well as Jeff Bezos from Amazon, they have both a strong automotive and tech driven financial edge over other EV startups.

The truck is unlike any other truck on the market, whether electric or gas-powered. One of the first things I noticed about the Rivian is that it is quite literally the most useful truck as far as space is concerned. With nooks and cranny’s throughout the entire truck. Not just the truck bed itself, but a compartment in between the truck bed and back seat for say sandy gear or a boogie board.

Then, the front of the bed under the hood (which would normally be the engine in a gas powered vehicle) is big enough to hold two full size coolers as well as a duffle bag. Talk about packing space.

This truck also has a compartment in the door that holds a flashlight for emergency use situations.

List Of Too Cool Rivian Features Worth Noting:

  1. Rivian’s Bluetooth Speaker!Rivian has the ability to dislodge your center console speaker and pair it to your phone as a bluetooth speaker. This speaker can literally sit on the bed of your truck or be taken with you into camp. The versatility and quality of sound is top notch! It also has a lantern and charger on it. Talk about awesome.
  2. 4G & WIFI Onboard: With the Rivian adventure package you can have a 4G connected car along with WIFI. Work on the go? On the road? Don’t disconnect but take your adventure with you!
  3. Unlock Your Truck With Card, Bracelet or Key:The versatility of accessing your vehicle, locking and unlocking makes it quite simple. You can use your Rivian card in your wallet, a bracelet that is waterproof or a key as a regular car. The Rivian key is inspired by the carabiner and is waterproof. So it allows to attach onto and stay close at all times. A much friendlier, safer and more secure key options! 
  4. The Rivian Truckbed is Where Transformer Kicks in:The Rivian truckbed is where you get to see the transformer truck start to kick in. The truck bed has a compartment underneath that stores the spare tire, and more space with a drainage plug if you get water in there. This truck bed also extends out further with the hatch. Additionally the truck bed has charging outlets to plug in anything electronic for charging or energy.
  5. The Rivian Gear Tunnel:Another reason to call it the transformer truck. This truck has a gear tunnel from one side to the other to store gear and make the best use of space. Check this out:
    If you look into the gear tunnel you can see clear through to the other side. What an efficient use of space! This is a great place to store sandy or wet gear that you may not want in the truck itself or even in the truck bed.
  6. Rivian’s Built in Flashlight For Late Night Use:Talk about a cool feature. Rivian thought everything through. Late at night and need to find your campsite or need to leave your truck and don’t have the light security that your truck provides? Simply pop the flashlight out of your truck door and take it with you. Take a look:
  7. Rivian Has a Built in Air Compressor: If you haven’t realized by now, Rivian has thought a LOT through for their truck experience. The truck has a built in air compressor not only to fill your own truck tires and never have to pay 50 cents or a dollar at the gas station again, but you can do it anywhere. Have a low tire out in the wild? No worries, pop on the attachment and fill your own tires! Additionally this air compressor can be used to fill an air mattress, inner tubes or anything else that requires air to fill up quickly. Win win!
  8. Rivian’s Gear Gard Works To Create a DEEP Security Layer Of Your Truck & Belongings: Rivian’s Gear Guard works with 5 cameras and angles on every side of the truck to ensure that your truck isn’t broken into and nothing is stolen. This deep layer of security ensures you can enjoy your adventure, hike, or camping trip without worrying about your truck getting ravaged. Plus, their security character is quite fun. The kids will love this. See below:
  9. The Rivian Truck Has a Portable Camp Kitchen!

    Just when you thought the stakes couldn’t get any higher. Rivian has it all thought through. The truck actually has a portable kitchen that can pull out from the gear tunnel to cook anything you want. This versatility allows you a food stand to cook as well as to enjoy camping in your truck wherever you go. Talk about checking the boxes for a nomadic truck life adventure? Sold! Take a look:

And it gets even better. The Rivian R1T’s camp kitchen pulls out from where the truck’s gear tunnel is, and then actually unfolds and extends to become a full cooking station with everything. This includes an what appears to be two induction stovetops and it also includes crockery. Additionally A 4-gallon water tank and every fathomable kitchen instrument accompany the Camp Kitchen, making the R1T the ultimate over landing vehicle for your camping or wilderness exploration!

10. The Rivian Truck Bed Has Regular Plug Outlets:

From the home to the truck is simple and easy. No more crazy cords, no more adapters, no more cigarette lighters. This truck has built in plug outlets in the truck bed to power anything you want. Bring a TV along with you and use your WIFI and TV plugin to watch Netflix in your truck bed on a rainy day with a cover over the whole thing! Snuggle in the truck bed with your family and enjoy some cartoons.

There’s no doubt that Rivian has a tough road ahead in the electric vehicle (EV) market. But I see them doing quite well. To have a truck this versatile with so many features, so much flexibility to stay connected, eat, sleep, be comfortable and be secure, there’s no reason they won’t sell out fast. Sure, the price tag at $60-$70k is a bit hefty, but when you take into consideration all that the truck can do you could almost camp out of your truck anywhere you go and skip the hotel or campground fees entirely and have more in your truck than you’d have with them anyway!

This truck is going places, and fast. Take a look at a demo video of it’s pickup speed. It’s an all wheel drive truck and each motor has a it’s own individual motor boasting four motors. One charge takes you 300 miles, so it has fairly good range as well.

You can quite literally live out of this thing, and that’s why, we call it the ‘transformer truck!’

Also, for those of you wondering. Rivian is a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. Their ticker is RIVN traded on the nasdaq. Their stock is at $30 per share, down 70% in the past year and down from an all time high of $172 in November of 2021. I’d say, it might be a good time to invest in this new and promising truck company as well.

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