Why Are People Putting Cut Up Onions in Their Socks While They Sleep?

Many dismiss putting onions in your socks as a fad, that is until they try it.

Onions Do More Than Benefit Your Diet

It is important to note that onions are absorbers. They pull toxins, bacteria, mold and things to it from the air around. It has been said that miners actually do not put onions on their sandwiches or in their food because it will absorb metals and things in the mine that they do not want to eat.

Onions are cheap and easy detoxifying agents to utilize. This is one of the cheapest detoxification/drainage methods that you can use from home. Make sure to use organic onions only as onions are on the “dirty dozen” list with foods that contain the most pesticides. If it is not organic you are not going to get results as good as you’re placing pesticides on your skin topically.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on, or any sort of bug it is a great method to use that night.

How To Apply The Onion Sock Detoxification Method

Step 1: Get organic onions and cut up 2 slices that have a flat surface.
Step 2: Put the inner side of the onion (closer to the core) against your skin topically facing inward.
Step 3: Pull your calf length sock over the onion and go to sleep.

Surprisingly many people feel tingling in their legs. This is the phosphoric acid entering their bloodstream and cleaning up the blood.

People think it smells bad. It really isn’t that bad. The onion dries out fairly quickly and the sock over the foot and onion mask the smell a bit also. I’ve noticed that my feet and legs tingle a bit. The sulfur compounds in the onion work to open the pores of the feet and to allow the impurities to drain out. Essentially making the feet “sweat” and the onion being the sponge that absorbs these things.

You can also cut up another slice of onion and simply set it on a plate in your room at night. This works as a toxin absorbent while sleeping to purify the air and kill anything airborne that would contribute to sickness or the flu.

This is a fun little drainage strategy that helps the body detoxify through the feet. Try it out and report back! This video from Healthy Wild Free on youtube explains further.

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