Video: Wolf Bites Grizzly Bear in the Butt Three Times at Yellowstone National Park

wolf vs. bear yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park received a record 938,845 visits in June 2021, as a renewed interest in visiting wild places has been recorded by the general American populace.

Tired of being cooped up in their homes and longing for adventure, more Americans than ever before grabbed their cameras and headed for one of the country’s most iconic settings.

Recently, one such visitor named Gary Gaston managed to catch a glimpse of two of the areas most famous predators in action at the park, as a lone wolf turned the tables on a massive bear as part of a hilarious video that has been going viral.

“Talk about harassment in the workplace,” wrote the website about the action shown in the video below.

“A Yellowstone National Park visitor caught a video of a wolf nipping a grizzly bear on the butt three separate times.

“The clip first captures the bear and the wolf emerging from some fallen brush. What ensues is sure to be the bear’s most aggravating moment of the day.”

Video Shows Wolf Turning the Tables on Frustrated Bear

Gaston has been capturing video of the famous national park since at least March 2020 according to his Facebook profile, where the video was posted.

The first bite from the wolf comes quickly after the duo exits the Yellowstone tree line.

The bear, not quite sure what just happened, decides to sit down to collect his thoughts.

Once he recovers from the shock of the first bite, he gets up and attempts to continue on.

The second time, the bear becomes much more agitated as he attempts to confront the wolf.

After the third bite, the bear sits down yet again, seemingly in an attempt to get the wolf to give up on his painful game.

Eventually, the bear figures him (or her) out, and is able to catch the wolf in the act, preventing a fourth bite!

Check out the scene in the video player below:

According to Gaston, the footage was taken at Crystal Creek in the north region of Yellowstone.

He told USA Today that there was a large animal carcass, mostly like an elk, nearby, which could explain why bears, wolves and ravens had all come together to feast and sort out the pecking order.

The wolf was said to be “snickering” as he applied the bites to his bear friend.

Thankfully, no bears or wolves were harmed in the making of this video.

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