Baby Deer Taken in By Humans Develops Friendship With Dog

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It’s not often that wild animals are taken into a human environment and successfully integrate.

A baby fawn was left abandoned by it’s mother, not sure what to do it sat in the middle of a field all alone. The baby deer was left for dead because it had an injured leg, so was slower and could not keep up.

At first, the other house animals (cat and dog) weren’t too happy about the newcomer. Who was this? And what love, attention and affection would this cute little bambi steal from them?

The man that took in the baby deer decided to make a little leg brace out of an oatmeal box to help the baby deer walk better and get a stronger footing.

The baby fawn quickly learned to drink milk from the bottle and was fed every 4 hours.

The best part? After lots of sniffing and observing, the other house pets began to accept her as another one of them. They started licking her to clean her, and kept her comfortable.

Watch the full story here:

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