23 Actors Who Played An Aged-Down Version Of Their Mom Or Dad

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In the majority of scenarios, people’s career choice is heavily influenced by their parents’ profession itself. The same has been seen in the film industry as well. In fact, it can be easily found that many Hollywood families have two or three generations of actors in the business. In some cases, actors getting the parts through their family connections slay the role. But, we have also seen some failing terribly. Whichever is the outcome, it is a fact that nepotism exists, and it also takes away opportunities from deserving actors. But, there are always some exceptions. One of the popular cultures in Hollywood affected by nepotism is kids in Hollywood families playing younger versions of their parents in films.

This article shares a list of 23 such actors whose parents also acted in the same film. So, if you are curious to know who they are; let us begin with our list:

1. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne could be called the best product of nepotism. Fans call him The Rock as he has made his unique mark in the industry. He was seen on the 1999th episode of the 70s Show, where he played his father Rocky’s young version. However, the role has been given to Joseph Leo Anderson on Young Rock.

2. Michael Consuelos

Michael has been seen in a Riverdale flashback episode where he plays the character of Hiram Lodge. His father usually stars in this role, and Micheal is seen as the character’s teenage version. On his mom’s show Live with Kelly & Ryan, he said there were many people who could play the roles of cousins and brothers in the audition room as they almost looked like him.

3. Melissa Rivers

The actress has been seen playing her mom’s character in the biopic Joy. The character’s name is Joan, and the story is about a popular inventor named Joy Mangano. In one of her interviews, she said she wanted to make the character look right and respectful. But once she wore the wig, she felt it was too bizarre.

4. Ever Anderson

The character of Alicia Marcus in Resident Evil is enormously loved by the audience. Milla Jovovich has been the face of the character since the beginning. But, in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter her daughter Ever has played the actress’s younger self. Also, Paul W.S. Anderson directed this part of the movie series. He is Ever’s dad.

5. Dasany Kristal Gonzalez

The daughter of famous actress Dascha Polanco can be seen in one of the episodes of Orange is New Black. Dasany has played a 14-year-old version of Daya in the episode that shows a flashback story. Dascha said in an interview that her daughter is a blessing to the family and called her a miracle baby.

6. O’Shea Jackson

He played the character of his dad, Ice Cube, in Straight Outta Compton, which is a biopic. In his interview with News Corp Australia Network, O’Shea said that F. Gary Gray, the director of the film knew that no one else could play the role with such authenticity as himself. He added that he played passionately because he’s very connected with his family’s legacy.

7. Michael Gandolfini

It’s another remarkable name among actors whose parents also acted in the same movie list. He plays Tony Soprano, which his dad James usually plays in the prequel of The Sopranos named The many Saints of Newark. Micheal used to watch The Sopranos to prepare for the role, which helped him connect to his late father.

8. Rubén Amaro Jr.

Next, we have Rubén Amaro Jr. He played his father Ruben Amaro Sr.’s character, who was a former MLB player. He is seen in a total of 2 episodes of The Goldbergs. The episodes revolve around Adam F. Goldberg’s teenage days. The character of Ruben Amaro Jr is important as he went to high school with Mr. Goldberg.

9. Indio Falconer Downey

The fans’ beloved actor Robert Downey Jr. ‘s son is also named on our list of actors whose parents also acted in the same movie. The movie is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the character is Harry Lockhart. Indio played the 9 years old younger self of his father, Robert Downey Jr. The producer of the movie is Susan Downey, Indio’s stepmom.

10. Zoe Perry

The character from the popular show The Big Bang Theory, Marry Cooper, is played by Zoe Perry. Her mother, Laurie Metcalf, was the first person to play this role in The Big Bang Theory. Zoe has also played her mother’s younger character Jackie on the show, Roseanne.

11. Alice Richmond

The daughter of Tina Fey, Alice Richmond, is seen in 30 Rock’s wedding episode. She plays the childhood of Liz Lemon in a flashback track. Tina has used funny things Alice said while young in Tracy Morgan’s lines.

12. James Paxton

Bill Paxton played John Garrett in the film Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But after his death, this on-screen character almost vanished. But years later, Bill’s son James Paxton brought the show character back by playing a younger version of this character. One of James’ Twitter posts has mentioned how he felt about bringing the character back to life. He describes it as an emotional and exciting moment.

13. Mario Van Peebles

Mario not only starred but also wrote, directed and produced the biopic on his father Melvin: Baadasssss! The storyline shows Melvin’s experience throughout making Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. It was his indie film in 1971. Mario played a minor role in the biopic as the younger version of Sweetback.

14. Sean Harmon

Mark Harmon, Sean’s father, is known for playing Gibbs, a character on NCIS. Sean can be seen in 6 episodes of the show where the storyline has some flashbacks. Sean has played their younger self of Gibbs. His mom, Pam Dawber, has also appeared on the show.

15. Mamie Gummer

In the film Evening, Mamie played the role of Lila Wittenborn Ross. She depicted Lila’s 1950s version. Meryl Streep, her mother, played Lila’s present-day version. They have also played mother and daughter roles in Ricki and the Flash. This film came 8 years later of the Evening.

16. Willow Smith

In a kids’ popular movie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, the voice of Gloria’s younger version was given by Willow Smith. Gloria’s adult character is voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith, her mom. After that, Willow decided to jump into an acting career officially.

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17. Quinn Dempsey

In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Ben Stiller has been the voice-over for Alex, the lion. But for the younger version of Alex, Ben’s son Quinn Dempsey Stiller has given his voice. The father-son duo has also voiced for Megamind.

18. Sophia Loren

The actress played both the roles of herself and her mother in Sophia Loren: Her Own Story. She did a great job portraying Romilda Villani, her mother. In 2010, she again played Romilda in the film My House Is Full of Mirrors.

19. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa is known for one of her characters named Lydia in the movie Thunder Force. Her daughter, Vivian Falcon, who was only 12 years old, then played Lydia’s younger self. Ben Falcone, the writer and dad of Vivian, said that his daughter was the perfect fit for the role. He stated they needed a 12-year-old actress for the part, and Vivian did justice to the character.

20. Max Winkler

Max Winkler is another name on our list of actors whose parents also acted in the same movie. He is the son of Henry Winkler, who played a character called Barry Zuckerkorn in the film Arrested Development. Max Winker entered as the young version of Barry in the 4th plot. They are seen working together on another project named King Rex. But this time, only Henry is playing the lead while Max is directing this limited series.

21. Lily Sheen

She is the daughter of well-recognized actress Kate Beckinsale. She has been seen playing the younger version of her mother’s characters two times as of yet. One she played in the movie series the Underworld: Revolution, where she played young Selene. Another film was Everybody’s Fine, where they shared the role of Amy.

22. C.J. Wallace

He is the son of popular rapper The Notorious B.I.G. C.J portrayed his father’s childhood character in the film Notorious. The actor said to Columbus Telegram that others might look and dress like his father, but he knew his father’s mannerisms and reactions better as his grandmother had told about him many times.

23. Shooter Jennings

He is the son of Waylon Jennings and played the character of his late father in the Johnny Cash biopic named Walk the Line. Waylon is a pioneer in country music. The shooter gave his statement about himself playing the part and said that he feels very honored to be able to do this.

Here we end our listing of actors whose parents also acted in the same film/series. Have you seen any of the above movies? Do you think any of these children were overshadowed by their parents in their own individual careers? If yes, then what are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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