Why People Are No Longer Buying Memory Foam Mattresses – Two Reasons To Avoid

A comfortable nights rest is important to all of us. Going to sleep feeling exhausted, hitting the pillow and falling asleep as fast as possible, ideally. Waking up feeling energized, rejuvenated and full of life is the best way to start the day, charged and full of life! I have personally had many sleep challenges in my life. Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up intermittently throughout the night.

I had a pretty bad case of insomnia, but learned a lot along the way. Thankfully, now I sleep like a baby and have no complaints. A few things helped get me there however. A comfortable sleep environment was one of these things.

The craze of having customized mattresses began at some point and there’s every option in the world now to pick a mattress that is firmer, softer, heats up, cools down, inclines and more. There are a few reasons now however, why people are avoiding memory foam mattresses in general.

Why Are Consumers Avoiding Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are being questioned and second-guessed by consumers because there are a few changes in the mattress market that have caused this. First and foremost, memory foam mattresses are full of chemicals that off-gas while one is sleeping. Diisocyanates are one class of chemicals found in memory foam mattresses, flame retardants being another, polyols and what are known as ‘blowing agents’ are all chemicals in memory foam mattresses.

While this may not seem like a huge deal, these chemicals are being inhaled 8 hours each night while you’re sleeping. While that may not seem like a huge deal to you, I had a personal experience that changed my perspective on this forever.

My Horrible Experience With A Full Ikea Memory Foam Mattress

I had just bought a memory foam mattress from Ikea and was excited for it’s delivery. When I received the mattress, I smelled a lot of chemical gasses coming off it. The instructions were to not sleep on the mattress for the first day or two. I opened my windows in my bedroom so there was a cross-breeze and even put charcoal packets (which soak up scents and smells) in the room near the mattress.

For the first few nights, I did not sleep on the bed because the smell did not seem to decrease that much even with the open windows providing a gentle cross-breeze, and the charcoal packets. On the third night I finally decided I didn’t care anymore, and I was ready to sleep on my brand new memory foam mattress bed.

Excited that night, I put sheets and pillows on my new mattress. I got into bed and felt incredibly comfortable, sinking into my new memory foam mattress. I could still smell the strange chemical smell and at this point was a little frustrated by that but thought that it would have to go away.

The following morning I woke up with a headache and simply mentally off. I didn’t think too much of it and thought maybe something I had ate the night before caused it. I went to go pee first thing in the morning and my pee was a darker yellow than usual and had a strange stench to it. Then, later that morning I had gas that smelled exactly like the chemicals that came from my mattress.

It all came together and made sense. I had been inhaling these memory foam chemicals all night which had given me a headache, turned my pee into a smelly concoction and made my gas smell nasty. That was it for me, that was enough. I was so disgusted by these chemicals being inhaled into my body and the attempted self-removal of these chemicals from my body that I called Ikea right then and there and returned it.

Memory Foam Mattresses Are Full Of Chemicals Such As..

Methylbenzene: Methylbenzene, more commonly called toluene, is a clear liquid that occurs naturally and comes from crude oil. Toluene is very toxic when inhaled in large quantities. And you’re sleeping on it!

Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a by-product of the foam manufacturing process, though this is much less common nowadays. Formaldehyde fumes can irritate the eyes, nose and mouth, and it is known to be a human carcinogen. In other words, a cancer-causing chemical in memory foam.

Methylene Dianiline: This is used as a reactant in the foam manufacturing process, methylene dianiline causes irritation when it comes into contact with skin, and may be carcinogenic. But the results are unsure until further testing is done.

Methylene Chloride: This was formerly used as a blowing agent, this substance is a suspected carcinogen and can also pose serious health risks by coming into contact to the skin or mucous membranes, which occur while sleeping on memory foam.

Chlorofluorocarbons: Chlorofluorocarbons were formerly used as a blowing agent, and are in memory foam, but use of these substances is now limited because of their ozone-depleting effects in our atmosphere.

This turned me off entirely from memory foam mattresses as I realized they were made of too many chemicals that you sleep on top of and inhale for 33% of your life moving forward (8 hours each day) of 24 hours daily, approximately. It’s simply not worth it. So what else can you do if you want to have that memory foam comfort experience without exposing yourself to so many chemicals?

Well, that’s where I did some digging and research and found a much smarter and cheaper solution. You’re going to love this. Instead of buying a brand new mattress that is 16 inches thick full of chemicals you can get what is known as a memory foam mattress topper, from a company called ViscoSoft. They quite literally changed the memory foam mattress game.

Instead of overpaying many hundreds of thousands of dollars for a brand new memory foam mattress and getting all those chemicals that come with it. You can get a thinner memory foam topper that gives you the memory foam experience, just much cheaper and much less chemicals, so healthier in the long run.

These memory foam mattress toppers range from just $79 on the low end to $169 on the high end. Take a look here: 
Visit Viscosoft Memory Foam Mattress Toppers on Amazon By Clicking Here.

Best part is? They have a activated charcoal memory foam topper. See it above? It’s the 3rd product in. This means that the charcoal is absorbing all of these toxic chemicals that memory foam emit, instead of you breathing them in.

People are avoiding full memory foam mattresses because they typically range from $1,000 to $2,000, while the memory foam toppers from ViscoSoft are $169 tops. This allows for the same memory foam experience but with a lot less chemical exposure, much cheaper and less hassle as a whole.

One other incredibly valuable product that I have found very useful for my sleep quality was a product called Qualia Night which is a supplement that supports the downregulation of the brain (overactive mind) and calming of the nervous system. The two aspects of the body that can deter, disrupt or interrupt sleep patterns as a whole. When I had a very difficult time sleeping this product helped me get my sleep back on track so that I had high quality rest again.

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