“Getting Jacked” is a Term That Came From This Man, Who Grandfathered The Fitness Movement in The US – Do You Know Who He is?

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Before gym chains or home workout videos existed, one man pioneered fitness as both a passion and profession in the United States. Referred to by many as the “godfather of fitness,” Jack LaLanne helped introduce intense exercise and nutrition as a lifestyle. His popular TV show, books, and gyms helped spark the global fitness movement we know today.

In the 1930s when LaLanne opened his first health club, working out was seen as odd and unnecessary. But LaLanne was determined to spread his belief in the life-changing power of regular exercise and nutritious eating. Though he started off performing fitness demonstrations on TV, he soon amassed a devoted following. His enthusiastic encouragement of women, older adults, and the overweight to get moving was groundbreaking.

At his training gyms, LaLanne mentored aspiring bodybuilders and athletes. He coined early gym phrases like “getting your body jacked,” which referred to pushing one’s muscles to the limits through weight training. LaLanne’s own ripped physique, modeled in photos and videos, set a standard for what was possible through dedicated fitness regimens.

Though fashions and fitness fads have changed over the decades, LaLanne’s legacy lives on. His push for total body health and wellness helped pave the way for the global interest in fitness and nutrition we see today. The pioneer we have to thank for getting America “jacked” is Jack LaLanne himself.

About Jack Lalanne

Jack LaLanne was a true trailblazer who transformed how America and the world viewed health, fitness and nutrition. Long before athleisure wear, boutique studios and influencer workouts existed, LaLanne was spreading his message about the untapped potential of the human body.

Born in 1914 in California, LaLanne faced childhood health challenges like high blood pressure and pimples. After discovering weightlifting as a teen, he turned his life around. Lalanne opened the nation’s first modern gym in 1936 where regular folks could weight train, attend classes and focus on nutrition. The gym’s inclusive vibe was unheard of, as fitness was seen as exclusively for competitive bodybuilders.

In the 1950s, LaLanne launched the first exercise TV show, which ran for 34 years. His boundless energy and enthusiasm got Americans moving in their living rooms. LaLanne encouraged women, seniors, the disabled and overweight to workout too. On his show, he had elderly folks weight training and dancing to model that age was no excuse. LaLanne even had choreographed fitness routines set to music decades before Jazzercise or Zumba.

LaLanne was also a master marketer, using feats like swimming shackled across San Francisco Bay to draw attention. He authored dozens of books and traveled the nation promoting strength training, swimming, walking and nutrition. LaLanne often focused on affordable, minimal equipment exercises people could do anywhere, prefiguring the home workout boom.

In his gyms, LaLanne mentored champions and everyday people. Phrases like “get your body jacked” emerged from the rigorous regimens trainees followed under LaLanne’s watch. Though fashions changed, LaLanne’s core philosophy never wavered: with effort and smart nutrition, the human body could surpass perceived limitations.

Though LaLanne passed in 2011 at age 96, his far-reaching impact lives on. From triathlons to CrossFit, hot yoga to Peloton, much of the global fitness industry owes its existence to LaLanne’s pioneering work. With his trademark enthusiasm, LaLanne awakened the masses to the vast potential within. The culture of fitness he ignited has grown exponentially since his heyday, thanks to the foundational message spread by LaLanne: overall health through rigorous exercise and proper nutrition is within anyone’s reach.

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Jack LaLanne was undoubtedly ahead of his time when he opened the nation’s first modern gym and began evangelizing exercise on TV in the 1930s. For decades, LaLanne tirelessly promoted weight training, aerobic exercise, swimming, and walking – now all fitness staples. He inspired legions to improve their health through proper nutrition combined with regular workouts decades before wellness became mainstream.

Though fads have come and gone, LaLanne’s core philosophy has stood the test of time. He proved that regular people could transform their bodies and lives through disciplined exercise and eating right. LaLanne championed the radical notion that women, the elderly and disabled deserved access to fitness, not just athletes. His encouragement got Americans moving in a whole new way.

LaLanne lived the active lifestyle he preached well into his 90s. After a seven-decade career, he had changed how the nation viewed health and fitness forever. Though others have taken fitness to new extremes, LaLanne laid the groundwork. His vision spawned gyms, videos, gear, nutrition products and all aspects of the now booming fitness industry.

Jack LaLanne was the original fitness superhero. He introduced novel ideas so foundational that we take them for granted today: that exercise is transformative, that fitness is for everyone, and that how we treat our bodies matters. LaLanne opened America’s eyes to the wonders that could be achieved through physical strength, endurance and purposeful living. His pioneering legacy lives on in every life enhanced through exercise and mindful nutrition.


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