OnlyFans Woman Breaks Silence And Talks About The Negative Sides Of Having Men Pay To See Her Sexually on Popular App Among Young Women

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A woman recently broke her silence in regards to her experience on the popular app ‘Onlyfans’ and how it has completely ruined her mental health.

For those of you unaware, or if you’re a boomer you may not know what OnlyFans is. It’s an app that allows individuals to sell pictures and videos of themselves (typically) in exploitative fashion.

An app to be your own playboy star. This app has garnered a lot of popularity among the younger generations and young women who are looking for an easy way to make money are using it to sell pictures of themselves to thirsty men.

It’s a vicious cycle, as the women who sell their photos and videos on the app become dependent on it for income and slowly devalue themselves and their worth.

In many cases it brings out sexually aggressiveness of males who are in unfulfilled relationships, toxic relationships or haven’t healed from prior relationships.

This app exploits one thing within our hardwired DNA. The sexual desire that men have for women. It’s really that simple.

An unknown woman has recently chosen to break the silence with her experience on the app.

She shares:

My Mental health since I started this has been slowly, like been, on such a decline. I feel a little bit dead inside.

I feel completely desensitized.

Not to sound funny, but I don’t feel any type of desire or attraction to men anymore.

Just know that if you are a person who’s ever been interested in doing this, there really are so many downsides. At this point, and I’m willing to admit this now.

There’s no amount of money that you can give me right now to like, make me feel like i’m giving myself away in certain aspects.

Even if they’re just a few photos online or whatever. It almost isn’t worth it anymore.

And while I did have such a strong start and it was so much fun in the beginning, after getting really burnt out I started to just feel really differently about the types of messages that I was getting.

Like seriously, if I had any type of ability to share the things that people have said.

Just like how disgusting they are, and also when I get curious and nosy sometimes like i’ll go look at their profile and they’ll have a whole girlfriend or a whole wife.

And sometimes even disgustingly enough they have kids.

It makes me feel so conflicted with doing this.

When I really sit down and think about what the purpose of all this is.

It’s really just to visually please a bunch of men.

I’ve been sort of exploring the ideas of just having my content be focused on things that I’m actually interested in. Which ultimately is not pleasing men, in any way shape or form.

Like, y’all can keep your money at this point.

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