3 Nasty Reasons You Really Do Need To Close Your Toilet Seat

We’ve all heard it before “Close the toilet seat” but what does it really mean? and what’s the point? Every time you go to the bathroom you don’t want to have to open the toilet seat to take a leak, especially as a man. We want the ease of whipping it out, and getting relief and keeping things easy and quick. Most of us are not in our bathroom to light a candle and read a book while we’re on the toilet.

However, this battle of the sexes to put the toilet seat down or leave it up might just be solved in today’s article. So ladies, send this to your boyfriend, husband, or roommate that leaves the toilet seat up after every single stinking (literally) use.

3 Reasons To Close Your Toilet Seat

Now, you may not think it’s that big of a deal. What’s the big deal. The ease of access to use the toilet would lend one to believe that leaving the lid open makes the most sense. What’s missing however is the context, and what actually happens when the toilet seat is open.

  1. The Toilet Water is Exposed To The Air: This may not seem like a huge deal, water sitting dormant in a toilet bowl. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, I’m glad you asked. Remember in high school, or middle school, how you learned about the process of evaporation? Condensation? Precipitation and storage? Well. That’s exactly what happens with toilet water also. In other words, water droplets from the toilet that are contaminated with bacteria, fecal matter and urine are quite literally becoming airborne. These airborne particles are then inhaled through your nose (hopefully) or worse yet, your mouth. This is unhealthy and not sanitary, and quite gross. Let’s be real.
  2. The Toilet Water Does More! In another episode of “The toilet water strikes again” we forget that our toothbrush is simply sitting in the bathroom with bristles exposed to the air, like a trap for this moisture and airborne particles. Anytime I visit someone’s home and their toilet seat is open along with a toothbrush in a holder that is exposed to the air, I wonder if they know what’s going on here. Probably not. Brush away!
  3. If You Have Children Or Pets: If you have children or pets having this bowl of unsanitary water simply sitting at a low level is not smart. There’s a dog in my home, and he will quite literally drink the toilet water if he’s thirsty. I don’t know how these taste buds formed in such a way, but that’s not healthy and quite dangerous. Additionally, children that are toddlers don’t know any better. They like to play and splash their hands in the water. They will put their hands in the toilet and touch the water, then touch their face.

    Long story short, the airborne water droplets that have both fecal matter and urine in them are not great to breathe in. They will also sit on your toothbrush, waiting for you like some sort of poopy grim reaper trojan horse. What a ripoff!?

    Additionally, pets and small children in these environments are at risk for drinking, touching or spreading this toilet water throughout the home or the bathroom floor. There’s nothing like cleaning up toilet water, I don’t know about you. But that’s the best type of water to clean up!

    There is a better way. Simply put the toilet seat down. This also reminds you to wash your hands each time after using the restroom (as some people still don’t shockingly) but if you touch the toilet seat, you’re more likely to wash your hands and make sanitary decisions as a whole.

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