This Tree Resin From Greece is Chewed To Improve Oral & Gut Health, Strengthen The Jaw, Improve Breathing

Far away in a Greek island known as Chios, there are Greek god’s with chiseled jawlines. But not because of their Greek descent, but because of a tree resin on the island that they use to chew on to scut the skeletal muscles of the face and jaw. One thing to keep in mind is that Greece is a blue zone, meaning its one of the five cultures on earth with the longest living cultures on earth. In fact, I get my olive oil from Greece for this very reason!

The island is surrounded by beautiful turquois blue waters. As shown above..

Quite the beautiful sand and waters right? 

Behind the beautiful waters and coastline of Greece contains a secret. The secret is a specific type of tree that produces a resin, similar to frankincense. This resin has been chewed on by the Greeks for over a thousand years.

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Because we are in a word where foods are soft. Fruits, vegetables, even meat when cooked down our jaws don’t get the workout they need in order to build strength.  You need to be working your jaw muscles for a more symmetrical face and jaw. Doing this widens your airways for better breathing also. Mastic gum resin from Greece is also great at remedying gastrointestinal issues for maximal gut health. By chewing this gum your face and jaw benefit, your airways benefit and your gastrointestinal heath benefit also.

3 Benefits To Chewing Greek Mastic Gum

    Well-defined facial features communicate vitality and robustness. A muscular jawline gives your face the highly sought-after angular and symmetrical appearance that women desire and men respect.
    Mouths host a unique type of stem cells that rapidly respond to stress. The greater you engage your jaw muscles, the more stem cells are released, which promotes optimal growth of the maxilla, a wider palate and larger airways.
    Mastic gum contains antioxidants and has been clinically shown to relieve digestive and gastrointestinal issues due to its powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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