5 Ways To Boost Energy Levels Naturally

There’s no doubt that energy levels become more of a priority as you age. The older you get you have more of a challenge generating energy. There’s a reason kid’s bounce of the wall and are full of life, youthfulness and vitality. Rich in energy! They haven’t dealt with the pressures and stressors of adult life yet! Financial stress, relationship stress, health concerns, the list goes on and on.

Today we’re going to explore 10 ways to boost your energy levels naturally through nutrition, movement, nature and other healthy lifestyle patterns.

5 Keys To Sustainable Energy That Lasts:

  1. Nutrition: Nutrition is a key element to building and producing energy. Certain minerals and vitamins are bigger levers in regards to producing energy than others. Magnesium is important for cellular energy, all B-vitamins are beneficial for energy in the body as well as strengthening the nervous system. The body will operate better and be more optimized with nutrition being sufficient as opposed to deficient. Magnesium and B-vitamins being some of the biggest energizers overall.

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  2. Sleep: We sleep for 1/3rd of our life. That’s 33% of our lives. If your sleep is rocky, you have trouble falling or staying asleep you’ll have a challenge generating energy during the day. Sleep is supposed to be restoring us each day. Improve sleep quality by trying a sleep supplement like Qualia Night (discount code: Healthywildandfree) or by drinking relaxing herbal teas at night. Turn the lights down, and wind down your brain and body for rejuvenative sleep.

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  3. Movement: Movement is so important for energy production. When we move we are stimulating our circulation and lymphatic system. These are ‘flow’ areas of the body that help you to move energy, and get nutrients to the cells. When these are stagnant, energy levels decline. When these move, they are then building and maintaining healthy levels of energy overall. Get up and MOVE! Even if you do not feel like it and the energy is not there in the first place.
  4. Emotional Well-being: Emotional well-being is such an important aspect of maintaining healthy energy levels. If negative emotions such as anger, bitterness or even judgement are entering your mind they will drain you throughout the day. Find peace of mind, and value forgiveness as a tool to cleanse the past and to embrace the future with neutrality. Healthy emotions, happiness, gratitude, humor and joy create more energy and give to you over time!
  5. Cold Exposure: Exposure to cold elements is an incredibly valuable way to get high levels of energy very quickly. Talk about an ‘instant fix’ in nature! I consider cold exposure to be ‘nature’s caffeine’ in that it wakes both your mind and body up almost instantaneously. All you need to do for a quick boost of natural energy is to jump into the shower and leave that dial on COLD! You’ll get used to it over time and actually find it quite enjoyable and invigorating.
  6. Stress Reduction: Stress is a part of life, but oftentimes there are situations, people or environments that we know will be stressful before even entering the room. Removing stressful situations, people and environments is valuable to your health. It doesn’t mean to completely ‘delete’ people from your life. You can however create healthy boundaries and explain that if these lines are crossed that you will not feel respected or needed as much in the relationship.

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