A Woman in Switzerland Raised Two Lions That Were Confiscated By The Authorities – She Then Visited Them 7 Years later

Most of us have seen the show the Tiger King on netflix by this point. It’s a lively show that is full of humor, dark moments, sadness and even potential murder. One thing’s for certain, after seeing this show I developed a judgement towards people that raised big cats. Be it lions, tigers or any other large cat. It’s a bit concerning that a human that could die with one swipe, or one clamp of the jaw would do this.

One thing’s for sure, these people are brave and ballsy to raise big cats like this. The risk of getting injured or killed is high I’m sure. Today’s story is certainly a brave one.

The story is simple, short and sweet.

Two lion clubs were being raised by a woman in Switzerland but as per the issues with the authorities the cubs were confiscated. It took seven years for Klaudia kollar, the co-founder of the Malkia park in Slovakia. Her aim and purpose was to create a safe and welcoming place for cubs to be safe. She does this by rescuing circus animals and gives them a safe haven to live and have a second chance at life.

“Many people mistake us for a zoo, but we’re not a zoo,” said Klaudia Kollár,

It wasn’t until 7 years later that she was able to visit these cubs and they were more than excited to see their human mother as they run up to the gate and give her a massive hug. Take a look here:

Since that time, she visits every few months, and whenever she arrives she calls the big cats by name. If they are in a good mood, both lions named Malkia and Adelle will bound up to the gate to boisterously greet her. Giving her hugs and kisses over the gate. It’s obvious that the lions will always love their kind hearted human godmother, who helped to give them a second chance at life.

Malkia and Adelle welcome their godmother. Only three people in the world are this close to these lions! This kind of hug is not happening everyday, only when the lions are in a good mood. The lions are not forced to do anything, and Malkia is a best hugger since she was a cub, as you can see she doesn’t stop with the kisses and hugs and Klaudia has to be sure her paws or teeth don’t get too close!

You can see more of Klaudia’s lions and other big cat photos and footage on her instagram here! 

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