An Exclusive Video Tour Of One Of The Most Modern Iconic $100M Homes in The World

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Today we have a very special tour of one of the most iconic modern homes in the world. A home that was designed by legendary architect John Lautner & Frank Lloyd Wright. The Sheats-Goldstein residence is a home that is owned by James Goldstein, a fashion icon and an individual who is incredibly passionate about architecture. James starts the tour with some valuable life advice..

My advice in general is that people should take their passions for whatever it is all the way. Decide what it is that really interests you and then take it as far as it can go. That’s what I have done with this house because of my passion for good architecture. It was a very long, painstaking process but it always paid off.

– James Goldstein

James Goldstein, the man behind the home was largely impacted by Frank Lloyd Wright and really admired modern architecture. He looked for the perfect home in Los Angeles for two years but couldn’t find it until he stumbled on this home. The estate is made largely of glass, stone and wood for it’s modern appealing design.

The home feels like it’s surrounded by a jungle. It has a Koi pond outside of it that actually runs into the home. The Sheats-Goldstein estate also features a massive skylight that opens up with a button right over the kitchen for natural light and fresh air.

Throughout the home there is no plastic or paint. Everything is steel, wood or glass. How incredible is that? The man touring the home says ‘This is as James Bond as it gets’ – I couldn’t agree more.

The home contains a movie theatre, a nightclub, large office space, a roof with a tennis court. A pool and hot tub and much more.

Take a Look At The Tour Here:

What do you think of this home? is it too much? Do you think that it’s modern design in the 1960’s has stood the test of time?

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