Are You Showering in Chemicals, Toxins, Heavy Metals & Carcinogens?

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We live in a world where our tap water is controlled by the city that we live in and many chemicals, contaminants and things get into our water that we are unaware of. It’s not just Flint Michigan that deals with low quality water, it’s very large city in America. The older the city the more likely there are to be heavy metals in your water. Why? Plumbing is older. Old metal pipes oxidize over time. This metal then leaks into the water slowly. This causes us to both drink and shower in water that contains heavy metals. Metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and more.

What Do These Heavy Metals Do To You?

Heavy metals deteriorate and harm the nervous system and brain mostly. This causes neurodegeneration, loss of memory, thinking, clear-mindedness and more. The nervous system is influenced negatively as well. Motor skills decline, hand-eye coordination declines. Verbal and visual memory decline, and more! Long story short. You don’t want these heavy metals coming out into your drinking water or shower water. Heavy metals are probably the worst thing to be in your shower or drinking water. But it doesn’t end there.

You also have to look out for:

* Pesticides/Herbicides/Fungicides (Agricultural by-products)
* Chlorine & Chloramine
* Sodium Fluoride (Which is different than Calcium Fluoride, found naturally in the earth)
* And much more..

When you’re showering or bathing your pores are open because you’re in warm water that opens your pores. This causes your body to absorb that water, and all toxic things in that water along with it. Beyond the water you’re showering in, are you using shampoo, conditioner and soap or body wash that is free of chemicals also? It’s amazing that we ‘go in the shower’ to get clean yet we shower in water that is not pure, then lather our scalp and body with chemicals and come out ‘clean’ – but are we really? Shampoo and conditioner tend to contain some incredibly toxic ingredients. Things that quite literally disrupt hormones as well as carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals.

Do you shower in chemicals or toxins with personal care products? 

Think about it.. 

* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Body Wash/Soap

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘What’s in them’?

If you’re using chemical laden-shampoos and conditioners then you are exposing your brain to these chemicals. Believe me when I say I know what’s in water and how dangerous water can be. I’ve lived in Detroit and you can quite literally smell the metallic elements coming out of the shower. It’s gnarly! I have also lived in a city just outside of Detroit and we got a letter in the mail one day that notified us that the levels of mercury in the water were higher than the amount that was safe. Shortly after that I moved, my health is too valuable. What I will say is this, you want to ensure that the products you use on your scalp are healthy. You also want to ensure that the shower water you take a shower in is pure.

Watch this video to get the breakdown further:


That’s why I recommend:

1. A shower filter from Omica Organics. Click To Visit. (They have low & high end models) Use Discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off!

2. Shampoo & Conditioner from Omica Organics. Click To Visit.

3. An Under Counter Filter From Omica Organics. Click To Visit (Low & high end models)
(Use The Discount Code: VFDF7M For all these products above to receive 10% off your order)

The thing I love about these haircare products contain probiotics and enzymes for the scalp and are truly truly natural & organic, not half natural like most shampoo’s and conditioners. Omica Organics also has a great water filtration system for the kitchen, both an under the sink system as well as an above the sink counter system. So if you’re looking for a great water purification system for the kitchen and bathroom, give them a shot!

I’ve been using Omica Organics haircare products as well as water filters for years now and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Remember To Use The Discount Code At Checkout For 10% Off!: VFDF7M

If Omica Organics Shampoo and conditioner is out of stock (as it often is, because it’s so popular) simply bookmark this article and save it to check back, as it will be back in stock and the discount code will still work then. In the meantime you can get a shower filter from them to remove unhealthy chemicals in the water. Another company that I really like is Shizandu naturals, they have a shampoo bar that is all natural and works great. Click here to visit their website and get 10% off for a limited time only!

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