The 15 Coolest And Most Unique Treehouses You’ll Ever See

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Treehouses are one of the coolest and most unique ways that humans have ever built. As a child, most of us either dreamed of having a treehouse or had one. But let’s be honest, a kid’s treehouse is quite literally a different picture compared to a treehouse an adult will make. Let alone a treehouse that a world class architect will build.

As a kid, my brother and I built a treehouse, it was simply a slab of several pieces of wood nailed into tree tree branches. It was all of 5 square feet and wasn’t even that level. We got free carpet and nailed carpet to the wood to make it nicer, needless to say the rain got ahold of it, it got moldy and the tree overpowered our weak construction.

Not all treehouses are this way however. In today’s video you’ll see 15 of the coolest treehouses ever built. Some of these treehouses are like log cabins in the trees, some of these treehouses are perfectly shaped circles in the tree. Yet others have water features in the tree.

Take a look at the top 15 treehouses here:

If you’d like to actually stay in a treehouse it’s tough to do. There are some on airbnb but there’s a company known as 02 Treehouse that rents out treehouse experiences as well as custom builds treehouses as well. You can take a look at some of the treehouses from 02 Treehouse here:


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