Stop Throwing Eggshells Away – 3 Creative And Valuable Ways To Use Them You’ve Probably Never Heard

Eggs are a staple of life for me. Good free range, organic eggs. These are protein rich, collagen rich and so much more. They are also healthy sources of cholesterol!

It turns out that not only are the eggs valuable for health but the eggshells have some value too. But for whatever reason we are throwing these valuable eggshells away.

3 Ways To Use Eggshells You’ve Probably Never Heard

  1. Eggshells support the health of soil!

    If you have a compost pile eggshells can be valuable by simply tossing them into your compost pile. Eggshells are a rich source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium! These are some of the most valuable nutrients to human health and biology, so there’s no need to throw them away. If you don’t yet have a compost pile, this is where you throw all of your table scraps and build the soil. Throw eggshells on top of this and it will break down and add minerals to the soil.

    You can then use this soil to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, or any other fruit or vegetables. The soil will be more nutrient rich with composted eggshells. So at the very least create a compost pile in your yard and throw your eggshells there! It will be a healthy growing environment for food.

    I’ve had compost piles that quite literally started growing food on their own. This is what happens when the soil becomes healthy and fertile over time. Imagine having a compost pile where you throw table scraps in and it just begins growing food for you? How magical is that!?

  2. Eggshells Make Coffee More Drinkable: 

    Believe it or not eggshells can be used to make coffee more drinkable as well. What you can do is simply add your eggshells to your your grounds when you brew your cup of coffee. Why? Well there are several reasons. First, all of those minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium will be added to your coffee. This is INCREDIBLYE USEFUL especially since coffee (caffeine) is a stimulant and diuretic. This simply means that coffee is depleting your body of hydration and valuable minerals that go along with it.

    By adding eggshells to your coffee you are remineralizing your coffee and making it healthier. Additionally, eggshells clarify coffee.  It will change the taste slightly but you will like it more and it will be healthier!

  3. You can make a homemade chalk with eggshells! 

    For a fun at home craft that you and the children will like, or your nieces and nephews, or grandkids. You can actually turn eggshells into chalk! Believe it or not. All you need is flour, hot water and of course crushed eggshells. Here’s a nice video from youtube sharing how to do it:

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