Dissolve Bone Spurs & Calcium Deposits Under The Skin With These 2 Ingredients + 24 Other Health Benefits

bone spurs
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Painful bone spurs and calcium deposits can form in joints and tissues, causing inflammation, stiffness, and limited mobility. Seeking medical treatment often requires expensive surgical procedures or medications with significant side effects. However, some natural at-home remedies may provide accessible symptom relief by helping to dissolve these bony growths and accumulations.

The approach explored in this article utilizes just two common household items to create a simple topical solution. Applied to the skin’s surface, this solution may have the capacity to break down troublesome bone spurs over time. The treatment is non-invasive, affordable, and versatile with the potential to greatly reduce discomfort.

Beyond bone spur busting abilities, the two key ingredients used each offer a variety of additional proven health benefits. They have shown positive impacts on areas including digestion, inflammation, weight management, skin health, wound healing, and pain relief.

This article dives into the suggested mechanism of action that may allow these ingredients to dismantle bone spurs and calcium deposits. It explores treatment methods, supplementary wellness benefits, and important usage considerations and precautions. By the end, readers will understand how straightforward castor oil and baking soda topical application could provide an accessible, non-invasive option for bone spur relief alongside other perks.

How Does Castor Oil Mixed With Baking Soda Work?

Castor oil has natural anti-inflammatory and penetrating properties. When applied to the skin, it is able to soak deep into tissues. Meanwhile, baking soda is slightly alkaline and helps neutralize acidity. Together, they create a topical treatment that reduces swelling while potentially breaking down deposited calcium and bone growths.

The castor oil is able to carry the baking soda deep below the skin’s surface. Once soaked into the tissue surrounding bone spurs, the baking soda gets to work dissolving the rigid mineral deposits. It gently disintegrates the calcium accumulations by making the area less acidic. The castor oil’s anti-inflammatory action also relieves pain and swelling.

Over time and with repeated applications, this castor oil and baking soda combination treatment may completely eliminate troublesome bone spurs and calcium deposits by targeting them directly and deconstructing them at a chemical level. The simple ingredients work hand-in-hand to provide a feasible, non-invasive option for bone spur relief in accessible form.

Alongside bone spur busting abilities, castor oil offers moisturizing properties for skin health while baking soda can whiten teeth, boost circulation, and soothe upset stomachs. By leveraging the holistic healing powers of natural components, this straightforward remedy taps into the body’s innate self-healing potential.

25 Benefits To Castor Oil & Baking Soda

  1. Treat wounds, bruises and cuts – Create a paste with more castor oil than baking soda to avoid irritation. Apply to damaged skin, allowing the castor oil’s antimicrobial properties to prevent infection while reducing inflammation.
  2. Prevent stretch marks – Massage oil blended with baking soda onto growing bellies, hips, thighs and breasts. Gently exfoliate and hydrate to improve skin elasticity.
  3. Heal injured wrists – Mix a thick wrap-like paste more dense in castor oil and wrap around strained wrists to reduce swelling and speed up healing.
  4. Eliminate dark spots – Use a 2:1 ratio of castor oil to baking soda. Dab directly onto spots and let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. The baking soda fades discoloration.
  5. Treat allergies – Add 1/4 tsp baking soda to water or juice and ingest daily. Alkalizes bodily fluids to combat histamine response.
  6. Improve cancer patient health – Drink the alkalizing baking soda mixture to reduce inflammation and improve immunity response.
  7. Relieve bug bites – Make a castor oil heavy paste with baking soda. Rub onto itchy bug bites to neutralize irritation, reduce swelling and speed healing.
  8. Skin cancer treatment – Apply castor oil and baking soda salve directly to damaged skin following physician treatment plans to support healing.
  9. Reduce foot calcium deposits – Soak feet in warm water mixed with baking soda then massage joints with castor oil to break up mineral buildup.
  10. Improve circulation – Soak small towels in castor oil blended with baking soda. Use wipes to rub down limbs and extremities to stimulate blood flow.
  11. Reduce acne scars/acne – Spot treat blemishes with a diluted paste to dry out pimples and gently fade scar tissue over time.
  12. Eliminate fungal infections – Rub thick, concentrated paste into toe spaces morning and night, allowing baking soda to eradicate fungus.
  13. Alleviate back pain – Warm castor oil mixed with more baking soda to make a spreadable poultice. Apply to sore spots for up to 20 minutes to reduce muscular tension.
  14. Unclog pores – Use a 1:1 ratio paste as a skin detoxifying face mask weekly, rinsing thoroughly after it dries.
  15. Remove moles, skin tags – Apply castor oil/baking soda salve daily to irritate skin growths until they scab over and gradually disappear.
  16. Reduce joint inflammation – Massage oil-based paste into swollen, arthritic joints to decrease fluid retention in tissues.
  17. Hair growth – Add baking soda crystals while massaging castor oil deeply into scalp. The exfoliating effect stimulates circulation to follicles.
  18. Eliminate pilonidal cysts – Apply a thicker poultice to bring embedded cysts to the surface for drainage. Works overnight.
  19. Reduce nicotine addiction – Swish diluted baking soda in mouth to rapidly alkalize saliva, reducing oral fixation desires.
  20. Minor ache relief – Add more castor oil than baking soda for widespread use on minor cuts, scrapes, aches and pains.
  21. Cure tinnitus – Put several drops of oil mixed with half tsp baking soda in ears before bedtime to help remove earwax causing ringing.
  22. Relieve diarrhea – Drink 1/2 tsp baking soda with water to settle GI tract acidity and overactivity causing diarrhea.
  23. Stop snoring – Make a baking soda dominant salve. Rub under nose over lip area before bed to reduce nasal mucus contributing to snoring.
  24. Reduce bee sting swelling – Immediately apply more oil heavy mixture to breakdown toxins, soothe nerves.
  25. Remove warts – Concentrated salve applied daily eats away layers until wart is gone. Might cause minor scabbing.

As we’ve explored, a simple combination of castor oil and baking soda may have profound healing abilities for bone spurs and an array of other wellness applications. Acting as an all-natural antacid and anti-inflammatory, this easy home remedy leverages chemical interactions to reduce swelling, neutralize skin acidity, improve circulation, and even gently breakdown rigid mineral deposits.

Applied topically to targeted treatment areas, castor oil carries baking soda’s alkalizing and exfoliating effects deep into tissues. Over time, frequent application may relieve painful bone spurs and calcium accumulations by dissolving the problematic growths through chemical decomposition. Beyond bone health, this versatile castor oil and baking soda remedy stimulates healing for skin conditions, minor wounds, fungus, and pain relief through a range of suggested benefits.

While more research may be needed to fully verify efficacy across all proposed uses, castor oil and baking soda remain staple household items with centuries-old medicinal reputations. Their cost-effectiveness and low risk make them worthwhile to experiment with.

Carefully following responsible preparation and usage guidelines, people may enhance quality of life through reducing nagging health annoyances using simple, natural ingredients. With the power to heal bony protrusions and brighten smiles, calm allergies and relax sore muscles, this is a traditional folk wellness combo made modern.


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