Rub This Common, Yet Underrated Oil On Eyelashes And Eyebrows To Help Thicken & Even Regrow Bald Patches


Long, full lashes and shapely, defined eyebrows are coveted beauty traits. But for many of us, sparse, thinning brows and lashes can be a frustrating reality. While lash extensions and microblading offer semi-permanent solutions, they come with a hefty price tag and require repeated touch-ups.

If you’re looking for a natural, budget-friendly way to revive lackluster lashes and brows, one pantry staple may provide the answer. This common culinary oil has long been used topically for its nourishing and restorative properties.

Rich in fatty acids like ricinoleic acid, it conditions hair follicles and the skin around them, supporting growth. It also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that strengthens brows and lashes to prevent breakage. Massaged daily along the lash line and on brows, it can work wonders to help stimulate growth for those struggling with thinning spots or bald patches.

So which oil possesses these revitalizing abilities? The humble castor oil. Derided by some for its thick, sticky texture, castor oil is often overlooked as a do-it-yourself cosmetic remedy. But its rejuvenating effects on lashes and brows are real.

Read on to learn how castor oil can help transform thin, sparse hairs into longer, fuller ones for enhanced definition and appeal. With consistent use, you may be surprised by how this pantry staple can thicken both lashes and brows.

The History of Castor Oil:

  • Castor oil is derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis), which is native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia. The use of castor oil dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was used both medicinally and industrially.
  • Castor seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 BC. Ancient Egyptians used castor oil as a natural skin care product and to treat eye irritations.
  • In the Middle Ages, castor oil was used as an ingredient in lamps due to its ability to burn slowly and smokelessly. The oil was also used to lubricate machinery during the Industrial Revolution.
  • In the early 20th century, castor oil was commonly used as a laxative. It was later incorporated into various cosmetic products due to its emollient properties.
  • Today, India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of castor oil. The oil continues to be used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, soaps, textiles, and for industrial purposes.
  • Recent studies have shown castor oil’s potential to stimulate hair growth, making it a popular natural treatment for thinning eyebrows and eyelashes. When applied topically, its nutrients help condition hair follicles.

So in summary, castor oil has a very long history of use, dating back to ancient Egypt, for a variety of medicinal, cosmetic and industrial applications. Its ability to nourish hair has made it a traditional eyelash and eyebrow growth remedy.

Castor Oil For Thickening Hair, Eyelashes and Eyebrows

I first stumbled on castor oil as a remedy for regrowing thin eyebrows. I had over-plucked my brows back in the nineties when it was the hip thing to have pencil thin brows, and they never did quite recover. It became necessary for me to pencil in the “bald” spots and I missed the natural look of real hair where these spots were missing.

I read about castor oil as a remedy for thinning brows and hair, and thought I’d try it. I bought a hexane free, organic and cold pressed castor oil and started applying it to my eyebrows every night after washing my face. After about three months, I noticed my brows were noticeably thicker (and they seemed to be growing in darker as well), and attributed it to the nightly application of castor oil.

Why Does Castor Oil Work?

Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid. This acid is a very effective natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. This can help keep any fungus or bacteria from inhibiting hair growth. Since the oil is also very thick, it may help to prevent hair loss simply by helping to coat the hair and protect it from falling out.

Castor oil is also high in omega 9 fatty acids, which are nourishing to both the hair and the follicle, as well as the surrounding skin. Castor oil has a unique ability to be deeply penetrating, and this helps it to deliver its nourishment deeply into the pores and the follicles that produce hair.

It also has a high gloss, so it lends a lush glossiness and shine to the hair. A little goes a long way, and it is best to only add a tiny bit to the very ends of your hair instead of putting it up near the scalp if you’re just looking for a natural hair smoother.

Simply put about two drops on your hands and rub, then smooth through the ends. If you use too much, there is a fine line between subtle shine and a heavy greasiness so go very light until you figure out the amount that works right for your hair type.

How To Use Castor Oil

If you’re looking to regrow the hair on your head, you can use castor oil as a scalp treatment. However, it can be tricky to get on the scalp without thinning it out with a lighter oil. You can add some melted coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or another lighter oil to help get it spreadable enough.

If you’re simply looking to help thicken hair that is thinning at the edges of your hairline, you can use pure castor oil, with a light hand of course. Another use is to apply the oil to eyelashes to help thicken and strengthen them, as well as to help prevent thinning and shedding.

Castor Oil for Scar Tissue Reduction And Shiny, Smooth Lips

Many attest to the wonders castor oil offers for keloid types of scars and other scars that involve a lot of hardened scar tissue. This is presumably due to its ability for deep penetration through multiple skin layers. Because castor oil softens the skin so much, the thought is that this softening helps to break down deep scar tissue so it may be smoothed out.

Studies have also shown that castor oil helps reduce the inflammatory response when applied topically. This may be why it seems to speed wound healing, and may also contribute to its ability to reduce scarring more quickly.

Castor oil is also excellent for the lips. Our lips needs constant protection against the elements. Although our lips regenerate and recover quickly, they also dry out and begin to peel when they are dehydrated.

Castor oil not only smooths the lips with fatty acids, but it also helps protect them due to its naturally thick and immovable nature. In other words, it doesn’t budge without being wiped off. It also imparts a natural shine to the lips, which makes it ideal for both improving the appearance and health of the lips.

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When it comes to achieving longer, fuller lashes and brows, castor oil deserves a spot in your beauty regimen. This plant-based elixir may not be glamorous, but its hair-helping powers are proven. With its nourishing blend of fatty acids and vitamin E, castor oil stimulates follicles, conditions them, and prevents breakage.

While lash extensions and microblading provide more dramatic effects, they can be expensive and high-maintenance. Castor oil offers a chemical-free, budget-friendly way to nourish lackluster lashes and brows back to health. With daily, diligent application along the lash line and brows, castor oil has the potential to help trigger regrowth in thinning, balding areas.

So don’t overlook this ancient remedy when looking to enhance the frame of your eyes. Once considered a cure-all elixir, humble castor oil may help transform your lashes and brows without injections or implants. Be patient, as results require commitment over time.

But with its myriad benefits, castor oil is worth adopting into your daily beauty regimen. You may be amazed by how a few drops of this multipurpose oil can help maximize the natural thickness and fullness of your lashes and brows.


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