At The Age Of 9 This ‘Kid Genius’ Was Accepted Into The Mensa Society – He’s In The Top 2% Of The Population At Large

We’ve all been shown up by a kid at one point or another in life. A kid that was just a bit smarter than you thought they’d be. Most of the time it happens on accident, this kid has an understanding of something that you don’t. Or a fact, that as an adult you ‘should’ know this kid answers immediately. Usually it’s a friends kid, so you get to see them over and over again to remind you that they have some wit that you may have not discovered yet.

In today’s story, a 9 year old was discovered to be a genius after he took a test from his school. Jaxton Cota took a test at his school to get into the gifted and talented program and in doing that Mensa found out somehow, probably because he scored off the charts. He flew in the IQ charts quite high landing in an IQ at 148. Coming in the top 2% of the population.

Jaxton’s mother shared that she knew something was different with him at about two years old. She started testing him with different numbers and he could continue and keep going to larger and larger numbers. They were surprised that their two year old could not only get into the hundreds, but the thousands, tens of thousands and more.

Jaxton shares that he was doing advanced things like geometry, algebra and more. He shares that you can find math everywhere, in construction and many other places.

His mother shares that he would rather sort shapes by their attributes than run around with trucks.

His mother shares that he is gifted in other areas and has heightened senses in other areas. He has deficits but he makes up for it in other ways in spades. He reads lips and body language quite well. People asked Jaxton’s parents if they were going to put him into 5th grade instead of kindergarten when he was 5 years old. They schooled him regularly with kids his age, as some things he was behind on while other things he was far ahead on.

His father feels the same way, he feels like he needs to be with his peers in order to learn and grow at his natural pace. Jaxton shares that he doesn’t want to graduate college at age 11 because he wants to simply be a kid, be with his friends and well.. play baseball.

Beyond math, numbers, architecture and solving complex problems Jaxton really enjoys being active and participating on the diamond ring, but even there he thinks about it in mathematical terms. He loves baseball. Being on the baseball diamond makes him happiest. There is just naturally a lot of thinking that is involved with it, thinking, statistics. Things like that, he shares.

How many child geniuses do you know? It’s tough to say. It’s interesting that children with such high IQ’s can be incredibly advanced in some ares of life yet be average, the same, or even slower in other areas of life that they are equal to their peers in.

One thing’s for certain, with children being this bright and intelligent.. we have a bright future ahead!

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