Brand New Simple & Cheap Mask is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

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Now that the world is beginning to open up and return back to normal post the virus many people are ditching their masks all together except for when they’re forced to wear them such as in flights and on airlines. One man had the brilliant idea to change the way masks work, and instead of talking about it actually did it.

There have been many debates over the efficacy of masks, if they work, how they work, if the virus particle size is smaller than the mask fabric itself and can go right through. Who really knows! I’m not a scientist nor do I claim to be. What I do know is that a .99 cent mask made in China probably isn’t the best virus prevention technology out there. I have more ketchup options at the grocery store than I do virus prevention methods at this point, and it’s more than 2 years in!

Thankfully, someone else realized the same thing and actually did something about that. They decided to create a mask that is not simply a mask but rather a concentrated HEPA air filter mask. That way any oxygen coming into the mask region is actually filtered through the HEPA filter. This actually exists now. See the mask people are raving about with a 4.5 average review rating on Amazon by clicking here. 

What is a HEPA filter, You Ask?

A HEPA filter stands for “high efficiency particulate air” which acts as an air filter. This is officially defined and recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. This type of air filter is said to remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns or larger. In other words, something would have to be very very small in order to make it through this HEPA barrier and into your lungs.

What was created was an mask that actually has a HEPA filter built right into it so that nothing over .3 microns in size can make its way in. We’re talking pathogens, bacteria, mold, pollen, dust. Anything that could corrupt your lungs or immune system. What most people forget is that your lungs is the first line of immune defense, so having a mask that works like this is really helpful for the prevention of anything entering the lungs that could harm your health.

Regular masks simply don’t cut it. We have better options for masks now because of technology and because one person decided to see it differently. Click here to see the mask on Amazon.

How Does a HEPA Air Filtering Mask Work?

The mask is quite simple in fact. It’s known as the ‘electric respirator’ because it electrically deters anything from entering your breathing zone! It contains 4 layers of protection while you wear the mask.

Layer #1: The first layer is the antibacterial layer. This layer blocks the largest particles such as dust, fur, dust particles and bacteria.

Layer #2: The second layer is the activated carbon filter layer. This layer is a bit more granular in that it absorbs any foul odors in the air, boy, is that needed on planes! It also removes formaldehyde and toluene. Two toxic gasses that you do not want to inhale that this mask protects you from!

Layer #3: This is where the HEPA filter is positioned. This will remove any dust, fur, bacteria at a smaller size at .3 microns. This protects you from things you do not want to inhale that taint your lung health and compromise your immune system. This mask works for and protects you.

Layer #4: The fourth layer is a sterile non-woven fabric that adds an element of cleanliness and further protects you from any particles that might cross any of the other barriers.

The key here is in the third layer of the filter. It acts as a HEPA filter to rapidly remove any potential threats to your lungs, making this mask the best one yet!

This mask was created to breathe in better quality oxygen. It is also advantageous to those that may suffer from mask mouth or respiratory acidosis. By breathing in good high quality oxygen you’re supplying your body with what it needs more than anything. That’s a win-win for humanity.

The mask is also completely rechargeable so that it can be used over and over again each time you fly, or head into the public. It’s got 4.5 out of 5 stars in it’s reviews on amazon so it has been generally well received. You can purchase it on Amazon by clicking here to see it and try it out. 

I’m not one to say this, but with this mask I’d say ‘Mask Up’ and enjoy the benefits of being fully protected thanks to the tech built within!

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