The New Trend: Here’s Why People Are Taping Their Mouths Shut Before They Go To Sleep

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Once every year or two there seems to be new crazy trends that sweep the internet. Everything from the ice bucket challenge to planking, to fidget spinners and even eating tide pods. We do not recommend consuming tide pods in any way whatsoever, it’s very unhealthy and dangerous. This is how trends can go south quite fast. Today’s trend might sound that way at first, but until I read the full story it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either. Taping your mouth shut while sleeping? Why? That sounds crazy..

A new trend however that is beginning to gain popularity and will most likely continue to gain popularity is taping your mouth shut before you go to sleep, in order to make it harder to breathe while you’re sleeping! Okay, only kidding, halfway at least. That’s not the full story.

People are taping their partners mouths shut because they’re tired of them. Tired of hearing them rant and rave, complain and moan! Nope, that’s not it either. Although some of us want too, and if you haven’t maybe you’re the one who’s partner is the better listener! Lesson learned there! I’m simply having too much fun with this story. Okay, onto the meat and potatoes.

There’s an actual scientific reason that people are taping their mouths shut. Sure, you look quite foolish, but in the private and comfort of your own home it’s not so bad. It’s hard to grasp, but bare with me, even though it looks absurd especially because when people tape their mouths shut they look absolutely silly, like this..

People are taping their partners mouths shut because they’re tired of hearing them snoring.. warmer. Warmer! Now we’re getting somewhere! As it turns out, many people are ‘mouth breathers’ which is unhealthy and leads to snoring and many other health conditions long term. Remember..

Noses Are For Breathing – Mouths Are For Eating

Snoring is actually caused by breathing through your mouth while sleeping. If the mouth is closed while breathing you’re going to be breathing through your nose, which reduces the loud and annoying noise associated with snoring that your partner makes each night. But people are not only taping their mouths shut with a smaller, more sleek designed tape to reduce snoring, and it actually works.

It turns out there are a host of other added benefits to breathing through your nose instead of your mouth beyond not snoring as well. This applies to both the awake and asleep hours of the day.


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Breathing through your nose actually..

    • Improves Sleep Quality
    • Reduces Snoring
    • Improves Oxygenation of The Body
    • The Nose Acts As a Natural Air Filter
    • Improves CPAP (airway)
    • Parasympathetic nervous system activation, also known as the relaxation response, which helps sleepers achieve and maintain deep sleep.
    • Increases nitric oxide production which improves immunity by killing bacteria in airborne particles, this also reduces blood pressure by acting as a vasodilator of blood vessels.
    • Optimizes carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange through its slower, regulating breathing cadence.
    • Reduces discomforts associated with mouth breathing such as dry mouth, sore throat, or nasal congestion.

The trend of nose breathing has started by taping the mouth shut and It seems like it’s hear to stay. The company Somnifix, Click here to see their specialized mouth tape on amazon was even on the popular ABC show ‘shark tank’ pitching for investment for their sleek mouth tape that has a slight air hole on the mouth in case of the need to breathe through the mouth, but still causing the nose to do 80% of the breathing. The heavy lifting.

I have to say I did my research and not only read about this mouth taping experience before writing this article but actually tried the somnifix mouth tape product as well. I can say from firsthand experience that my sleep was deeper and more rejuvenating. I woke up feeling more rested and felt that my sleep was definitely deeper than the nights before without the mouth tape.

This was fun to discover, try and benefit from. I am a strong skeptic of many of these things but after doing the research and trying the mouth tape for myself I can confidently say that it does work and recommend it to others.

Finally, a trend that is healthy and doesn’t make your stomach explode like swallowing tide pods! Maybe humanity is getting smarter after all!

One thing I will add is that if you are a man with a beard it can be a little more challenging to apply mouth tape because if you tape on your beard the beard hair will repel the tape away from your skin which defeats the purpose of the mouth tape at that point. Make sure to pucker up your lips and apply the tape only to the lips and even move your beard hair to the side slightly to ensure the tape is only on your skin. This will ensure that the adhesive will stay stuck to your skin throughout your entire night’s rest.

Check out Somnifix and their reviews on Amazon by clicking here. Will you be taping your mouth shut and giving it a shot?

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