This Device Ensures You’ll Never Have A Dead Phone Or Car Battery Ever Again

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Gone are the days of needing jumper cables for your car! If you have been around the block a few times, and by that I mean driving for more than a few decades you know what it’s like to jump a car and recognize it’s not the ideal situation, especially when you’re running late and there’s snow outside!

Your car jumper cables allow you to take spark from another battery and to give your battery a little bit of juice to start it. Typically leaving the lights on, or a weak battery in the winter time will cause your battery to die overnight.

The big challenge with jumper cables is that you have to have a car nearby, and this might take 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour to get someone to jump you. It’s a headache when it happens, and a huge waste of time!

Thankfully, someone invented something much more intelligent. The Hulkman Jump Starter is a portable battery pack that you charge in your home, or by your own car through the cigarette lighter and you then store this battery in your trunk or under the seat.

The next time you need a jump you simply pull this battery out, attach the short jumper cables and push a button on the device. It electrically jolts your battery back to life instantaneously.

I got the device myself and only used it once. I was traveling to New Orleans and a man in a restaurant parking lot asked me for a jump. I was so excited to pull the Hulkman out and use it for the first time. A little shocked he looked, I connected, pushed the button and wallah. Within just a few seconds the car started with no issues.

Beyond that the Hulkman has a button that allows you to have a light at night. It’s a bright white flashlight, but also has settings for a red (brake light) as well. These lights also both have blinking settings to be seen in the dark. What’s nice is that if your car battery dies, you can jump it on your own.

If your get a flat tire at night and need to put on the spare, the light on the device makes it easy to see what you’re doing at night. Or as a bright light to look in your car under the seat or in the trunk.

Additionally, the device features USB charging points for your cell phone, bluetooth speaker or any other USB charged device. This one device allows you to do multiple things and it’s a good insurance policy to not get stranded anywhere with a dead battery.

What I love about it is that the cables themselves are smaller than regular jumper cables so the device doesn’t take up that much space yet gives me so much more versatility. Check out a review on youtube:

The Hulkman jump starter comes in two different versions. The first model jumps in between 4L and 6.5L engines. The second model is made for in between 6L and 8.5L engines. These jump diesel engines as well.

You can get the Hulkman unit on amazon by clicking here. 

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