Labradoodle Follows Kids To School, Then Family Receives His Photo In Principal’s Office

labradoodle pic

If you’ve never heard of or been around a labradoodle before, you are clearly missing out.

This wonder of dog breeding is a cross between one of the most loyal and helpful dogs, the labrador, and one of the cutest and sweetest small dog breeds, the poodle.

The final product is a dog that is about as lovable and cuddly as they come, with a never-ending gas tank and a thirst for adventure.

This combination makes them great around kids and in other family situations.

But sometimes all that extra energy can become scattered and unfocused, leading to situations like the one that happened recently to a young mother named Karen Manthey.

In this case, a labradoodle named Sandy starred in an adventure that has people talking, and was so hilarious that it could be the subject of a short film on Disney+.

Sandy had been close with her “mom” Karen since she was given to her as a young puppy.

She constantly followed her around as she always wanted to know what she was busy doing.

The friendly and mischievous labradoodle was being trained by a local coach, and seemingly had was on her best behavior at all times.

But then one day, the unthinkable happened.


The dog found his way into the hallways of the local school near where Karen and her family lived, and chaos ensued, as evidenced by the hilarious picture and text message exchange below.

After a few moments of hilarity, excitement and confusion, a decision was made to allow a team member at the school to walk Sandy back home to her family.

Karen’s phone had been off at the time, but upon seeing the message it instantly became a memory she would never forget!

Perhaps the funniest part is that she ended up smack dab in the middle of the principal’s office, and other nearby “humans” had to come to the rescue!

As Karen saw the message, “I know not every labradoodle is yours, however is this your canine?” she felt ashamed and didn’t quite know what to say.

Thankfully, those at the college had a carefree attitude about the whole circumstance, getting more than a few good laughs out of it.

Sandy and the family were quickly back to their usual routine of playing, snuggling, and enjoying their days together as one big happy family.

Later on, Karen decided to drop by the school to apologize for the trouble her cumbersome young pup had caused.

Once there, she was relieved to find that just about everyone else found it as funny as she did — and they all wanted her to send them pics of the hilarious event to show their own families.

Word to the wise: these labradoodles need extra supervision at all times, as Karen’s story so hilariously illustrates!

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