Photographer Spots Bioluminescent Waves on Pacific Coast, Captures These Stunning Shots

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The phenomenon of bioluminescent waves is something that is often thought of as being commonplace only in exotic locations halfway across the world, but one professional photographer in California recently made a discovery that has his fans talking.

The photographer had been traveling down the Pacific Coast near one of the most popular cities in the country, San Diego, when he noticed something completely different about how the water looked.

“Bioluminescence lit up the waves blue as the Moonlight felt like it was glittering across the water,” the photographer, Jack Fusco said.

“This is a pretty legendary spot in San Diego, so I knew I definitely wanted to stop here while the bioluminescence was active.”

The shot was stunning to say the least, and it’s something anyone who has followed him has come to expect.

Check out a couple more shots via his Facebook page below titled ‘Dreamer (Sea Isle, NJ)’ and ‘Horseshoe Lake’ (Alberta, CA) respectively.

Photographer’s Spellbinding Shot Goes Viral

Not only did the ocean look amazing but the man also happened to spot two people sitting in position to add even more to the ambiance of the photograph.

“There just happened to be two people sitting in the perfect spot, right under the hut, as I was shooting,” Fusco said.

“So, that was definitely a nice unplanned bonus.”

The location in question was Windansea Beach in San Diego, where Fusco noticed that the Moon was extremely bright in the night’s sky.

The seasoned pro took the opportunity to line up his shot, deciding to shoot it a little bit differently this time around.

“I used it as an opportunity to take a few different shorter exposures that would each pick up detail in different areas,” Fusco recalled on his Faceboook page.

“Normally, at night, I’m taking exposures that are much longer to pick up as much detail as possible in the sky.

Fusco added that he wanted to create a scene that would better convey the overall mood and feeling to the viewer.

“I wanted these shorter exposures to create a scene that was very similar to what I was able to see as I stood there.

“Soft light and shadows from the Moon across the beach and leaves. The blue waves crashing further out and just a handful of stars glowing above the Moon.

“I hope you like this one and are having a great start to your week!”

How to See or Purchase Jack’s Photography

Jack also recently posted a link to a sale on his photography, although it has since ended.

Prints are highly affordable, and you will be supporting an artist who does it the right way, with style, creativity and grace.
Check out his website here if you have a chance, and be sure to share his work with your friends if it captured your attention the way it did mine!

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