Meet Lotus: The Majestic Maine Coon Cat Who’s a Gigantic Ball of Love

maine coon cat photos
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The rise of social media also has given rise to a new era of social media stars who happen to be pets.

These social media accounts allow pet owners not only to share their love of their pets with the rest of the world, but also to spotlight different breeds and types of animals that were previously unknown.

From servals (a type of jungle looking cat with distinct, exotic markings) to fenec foxes (the world’s smallest canid species), there are countless new species to discover.

One of them is the Main Coon, a breed of cat known as the “gentle giants” of the domestic cat world.

These cats have a distinctive long fur that looks almost like a lion’s mane, and possess a mystical quality that makes them the darling of social media pages everywhere from Facebook to Instagram and beyond.

With that in mind, let’s meet Lotus, a glamorous Maine Coon turning heads across the Internet.

Lotus the Maine Coon is an Internet Sensation

The fluffy celebrity cat has become an Internet sensation with its fluffy paws, cotton candy tail, and lynx-like ears, racking up over 340,000 followers on Instagram.

Pictures show Lotus surveying the land and enjoying plenty of cat naps.

With his monstrous size, this cat takes up the entire couch at times.

And oftentimes, Lotus will let friends join in on the fun.

(insert pic)

Origins and Pertinent Stats of the Maine Coon

While it’s not known how this breed originated, the Maine Coon is clearly one of the most majestic and wild looking pets you could ever own.

These cats generally weigh between 9 to 17 pounds, and grow to about 3 feet in length from head to tail.

Their coats are long and have double the thickness of a traditional housecat, adding to their mini-lion like appearance at times.

These cats also have about 75 different color combinations when it comes to these coats, and eye colors can range from green to gold, green-cold or copper.

Life expectancy is 9 to 15 years, generally speaking, so be sure to celebrate your Maine coon while they’re in your life!

This breed is also known for being extremely kid-friendly and pet friendly, with high levels of friendliness, intelligence, and energy.

They also have high levels of shedding, so be careful before bringing them into your home if you have family members or pets with allergies to these types of animals.

While the exact origin of these cats is far from known, there is some research indicating that they may be related to the famous Norwegian forest cats in Scandinavia.

The good news is that they do well in a domestic environment.

If you’d like to have a Maine Coon of your own some day, share this article with anyone who still doesn’t know about them yet!

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