Man Takes Dog Dying of Cancer On One Final Adventure Up the Mountainside in a Wheelbarrow

man dog cancer dying


There are few greater learning, or teaching moments, than spending time with a dog in his or her final days of life.

All of us have lost a beloved animal companion at some point over the course of our lives, and it is never easy.

Our kids learn hard lessons through these situations, and so do their parents.

“Putting a dog down” is never easy, and oftentimes there isn’t a dry eye in the house when it’s all said and done. Most the time, we do our best to make the final days of our pets’ lives their happiest by giving them treats, back rubs, belly rubs, and whatever else their sweet little hearts desire.

Recently, a story emerged of one man and his dog that took the cake: a trip through the mountains that will remain etched both in the dog and his humans’ hearts forever.

Monty the Labradoodle Makes New Friends on One Last Walk Up the Mountain 

monty carlos

Monty’s journey began in his home town of Brecon, Wales, where he loved to hike with his favorite human, Carlos Fresco.

Ten-year-old Monty and 57-year-old Carlos were inseparable, and while their last journey together was a heartbreaking one, they both enjoyed it to the fullest. Monty even made it to the top of the mountain, as you’ll see in the picture below.

Monty couldn’t make it himself this time, however, so his friends pitched in by carting him up the mountain in a wheelbarrow.

dog up mountain

The sweet pooch had been suffering from leukemia, and wasn’t responding well to treatment according to Carlos.

“I knew Monty was dying as his cancer had returned. He was diagnosed 18 months ago and responded very well to chemotherapy,” Fresco told SWNS.

“Although he was weak he enjoyed all the fuss and attention received by so many well-wishers. People on the hills were so kind and equally so sad at his deteriorating condition.”


Strangers Lend a Hand in Final Act of Kindness to Get Monty to the Top 

Monty dog

As the two continued their ascent up the mountain, strangers came to Monty’s aid, and became new friends.

Carlos said they asked him if they could help push Monty up the mountain during the hike, while many onlookers shed tears at the sad sight of the dying labradoodle who was unable to walk.

After several months of battling leukemia, Monty passed away at the foot of Carlos’ bed after the inseparable pair was able to spend Father’s Day together, according to reports.

carlos monty

Carlos had given Monty the perfect send-off, and it was a journey he will remember for the rest of his life.

“I would like to thank all the wonderful people that we met in Brecon and on the hills for their true kindness and genuine sympathy,” Carlos said.

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