Move Aside Coconut Water – Maple Water is Now A Thing And It’s Delicious

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If you’re like me you enjoy the delicious sip of a cold fresh coconut water from the store. Often times I will grab a vita coco simply because I trust coconut water to be healthier than all these man marketed waters and it tastes quite delicious. I’ve been drinking coconut water for years. It wasn’t until recently however that I found out that there’s a new tree water in town, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Maple Water Comes From The Maple Tree Which Also Produces Maple Syrup 

Maple water comes from the maple tree. You know what else comes from the maple tree? Maple syrup! Talk about a sweet start. The water is quite literally filtered by the trees. Maple water is actually a by-product of maple syrup and maple sugar production that often goes to waste.

Maple Water Actually Has Nutritional Value

The nice thing about maple water is that it’s not regular water. It contains potassium, calcium and is an excellent source of manganese. The water contains an excellent source of both electrolytes and antioxidants. So it’s not only water but it has nutritional value that support the health of your body and cells.

How Maple Tree Water is Harvested

In Comes Asarasi (ah-sir-ah-see) Water

Asarasi water is a company that produces sparkling carbonated maple tree water in delicious flavors like lime, cherry, lemon and more! The water is then carbonated for a nice sparkling affect and is flavored with organic fruit flavors. The drinks are certified organic, reverse osmosis filtered maple tree water and are bursting with flavor. Surprisingly the drinks are only a few bucks each and you can get a 12-pack on Amazon for just $29 with free shipping. Try Asarasi Water here! 

Grab Asarasi Water To Try Here!

The Origins Of Asarasi Water

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